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Best ways to follow the Patriots this season

In the age of digital media, there are more ways now than ever to follow and connect with your favorite NFL team. You can find the New England Patriots in every corner of the Internet, keeping you close to your team year round. 

Check out how you can find, follow and favorite all things Patriots below. 

Ways to connect 

•    Patriots Apps (iOS, Android)
•    24/7 Radio 
•    Patriots on TuneIn 
•    Apple (Search New England Patriots)
     o    iTunes Podcasts
     o    Apple News
     o    Apple TV
     o    Apple Watch
•   Social Media   *
     o    *

     o    Google+
     o    Instagram
     o    Pinterest
     o    Snapchat
     o    Twitter 
     o    Vine

What you'll find

•    PFW In Progress
•    Patriots Playbook
•    Fantasy Football Champs
•    Bob Socci Show
•    Roster Report Podcast
•    Pregame/Postgame Shows


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