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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Soldier Field, Chicago, ILBill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** I thought that at this point in the year that our football team would be past the type of performance we had out there today, but obviously we're not. It is real disappointing to go on the road into Chicago, where we knew it was going to be a tough physical game, and not play that way. We made a lot of mistakes. Offensively we killed ourselves in the first half with penalties and dropped balls. We didn't run the ball very well at all. We weren't very physical up front. Defensively we didn't play the run at all in the third quarter. We missed tackles, and we just didn't play with the type of aggressiveness and toughness that we needed to have out here. We were not really very good in any area of the game that we need to be good at. We weren't good enough on defense. We gave up 24 points. I don't think we were good enough on offense because we stopped all of our drives with penalties, dropped balls and a couple of missed assignments. Special teams was not really much better. I thought that in the last couple or three weeks the team had attained a little bit of a higher point than this, but unfortunately today is evidence that we haven't. We have a lot of maturing and growing up to do. We need to learn how to win on the road. We need to learn how to play tough football in somebody else's stadium. We just didn't do that today.  

Q: You had a seven-point lead, and they scored at the end of the second quarter. Did that cause you to come out slow in the third quarter?

B: I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. We didn't tackle very well in the third quarter. We had some plays that we should have been able to make, but we couldn't make them. It was pretty disappointing. We had receivers doubled, and they would still catch it. Stuff like that is no good. It just didn't happen for us.

Q: Was the touchdown catch [by Jermaine Wiggins] that was called back a factor in the problems for the team?

B: I don't know. When you play on the road in this league, you have to be able to overcome whatever it is that you need to overcome. We didn't do it today. There were many opportunities and many occasions out there for us to do that, but in the end we didn't do it. It all contributed. We had our chances, but offensively the dropped balls, penalties, not being able to run the ball and not being able to connect with the quarterback and the receivers when we had guys open hurt us.

Q: What happened at the end of the game? Was the receiver just not set?

B: That's right.

Q: Was that call correct?

B: Absolutely. Without a doubt. We weren't set, the play went off, and 10 seconds were run off because we were up against the clock. I thought it was the right call.

Q: Is that the fault of the receiver for not getting ready, or the quarterback for going to quick?

B: It's obviously an overall lack of execution on offense. It was a combination of things.

Q: Do you think the team played worse today than they have all year?

B: I thought we were past this. We spent a lot of time this week talking about what it takes to play on the road, and maturing as a team. We discussed the things you have to do as a team, but it didn't really get through to the team. I guess I didn't do a good enough of a job to get it through to them. I'll have to try and do a better job next week when we go on the road to Buffalo.

Q: Do you have the player personnel to do what it is you are trying to do.

B: We have the personnel that we have. We have the coaches that we have. I think that we can do better than this.

Q: Chicago seemed to attack the middle of the field a lot. What was the problem there?

B: Defensively we didn't play very well. We gave up a lot of easy completions. We missed some tackles. We didn't play the off tackle runs very well in the third quarter. They went right down the field, scored, and took advantage of it.

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