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Breaking down the Patriots 2020 draft selections


The NFL has announced the full draft order and, with an additional four compensatory picks, it brings the Patriots to a grand total of 12 selections. After trading their second round pick to the Falcons for Mohamed Sanu, the team has a notable gap in picks between the 23rd overall and 87th overall slots that leaves them without a second-round pick. However, with seven picks in the final two rounds, the team should have some ammunition to trade up and down the board and maintain a consistent pace of selections throughout the three days.

The draft is scheduled to take place April 23rd-25th in Las Vegas.

Table inside Article
1 23 (23) Assigned Selection
3 23 (87) Assigned Selection
3 34 (98) Compensatory Pick
3 36 (100) Compensatory Pick
4 19 (125) From Chicago
6 16 (195) From Denver
6 25 (204) From Houston
6 33 (212) Compensatory Pick
6 34 (213) Compensatory Pick
7 16 (230) From Atlanta
7 21 (235) From Philadelphia
7 27 (241) From Seattle

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