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Breaking down the Patriots 2020 draft selections

With the full NFL Draft order now known we break down the Patriots selections.


The NFL has announced the full draft order and, with an additional four compensatory picks, it brings the Patriots to a grand total of 12 selections. After trading their second round pick to the Falcons for Mohamed Sanu, the team has a notable gap in picks between the 23rd overall and 87th overall slots that leaves them without a second-round pick. However, with seven picks in the final two rounds, the team should have some ammunition to trade up and down the board and maintain a consistent pace of selections throughout the three days.

The draft is scheduled to take place April 23rd-25th in Las Vegas.

Table inside Article
123 (23)Assigned Selection
323 (87)Assigned Selection
334 (98)Compensatory Pick
336 (100)Compensatory Pick
419 (125)From Chicago
616 (195)From Denver
625 (204)From Houston
633 (212)Compensatory Pick
634 (213)Compensatory Pick
716 (230)From Atlanta
721 (235)From Philadelphia
727 (241)From Seattle

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