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Cardinals show off major uniform makeover

The Arizona Cardinals are ready to leave their lackluster history in the desert behind, starting with their uniforms.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (April 20, 2005) -- The Arizona Cardinals are ready to leave their lackluster history in the desert behind, starting with their uniforms.

The team unveiled its first total uniform redesign in over a century on April 20, showing off six combinations of red and white jerseys and pants.

"I love everything about the uniforms, man," said linebacker Karlos Dansby, one of six players who modeled the initial public showing at a Scottsdale hotel. "And, once I found out you could do six different combinations with them, I was really impressed."

Without changing the basic color scheme except to add thin black stripes, the Cardinals managed to make their old uniforms look stodgy.

The new ones look a lot like the ones the Denver Broncos introduced several years ago, with a swooshy, tapering stripe on the side of the pants and yoking under the sleeves.

"We're going to be fast, aggressive, daring, dynamic and sleek," team vice president Michael Bidwill said.

The Cardinals changed their bird-head logo in January to make it look tougher.

The Cardinals were 6-10 last year -- their 15th losing season in Arizona -- and some of the players thought the change was a good idea simply to break with the past.

"I think it's an example of how we're trying to turn the corner and change things up, change the perspective of what the Cardinals are all about," new quarterback Kurt Warner said. "I think the uniform is a great way to start on it."

Pro Bowl defensive end Bertrand Berry thought the psychological boost of wearing attractive uniforms would give everyone an edge on the field.

"I think the rest of the guys, once they see them, they're going to be very excited about it," Berry said. "It definitely has something to say about how you look out on the field, a different approach to the game, and you feel better about yourself."

The yoke, sleeves and jersey side panels are made of a nylon-lycra blend that allow for snug fit without stretching out, while the jersey torso is made of a special weave that allows the holes to open wider, wisk moisture away from the skin and open up to admit more air.

"These are not only going to be what I believe will be the coolest uniforms in the NFL, but nobody is going to have a more high-performance uniform than what we have," Bidwill said.

The change was the first for the basic red jersey since 1901, when then-owner Chris O'Brien bought used jerseys from the University of Chicago and announced that the faded maroon tops were "Cardinal red."

Bidwill said the last real redesign for the white jerseys was in 1963.

"Anything was better than the old ones," defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said. "Uniforms don't make the player, the player makes the uniform. But this is a good chance right here, as far as the offseason workouts are going on, we're wearing our new uniforms and we're ready to take the team to another level. It feels real good to be a part of history."

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