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Childress: Bent fingernail won't land Favre on injury report

Brett Favre's streak is not in danger: He has a bent fingernail.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Brett Favre's streak is not in danger: He has a bent fingernail.

Favre's throwing hand was clearly hurting after his last throw for Minnesota in Sunday's win over Detroit. He was hit by two defenders in the fourth quarter during a touchdown pass to Percy Harvin.

Favre got up and grimaced, glancing down at his hand and shaking it a few times before heading to the sideline. He didn't return with the Vikings up 27-10.

Coach Brad Childress said Monday, however, that Favre is fine.

"Not a fractured thumb, or a dislocated wrist, or a season-ending" injury, Childress said, playfully needling reporters about the heightened interest in any Favre-related information.

"He bent his fingernail," Childress said. "That hurts, too. For those of you who have fingernails, that hurts."

Favre has started 271 straight regular season games, an NFL record. He is also nine games behind Jim Marshall's record for a non-kicker of 282 consecutive regular season games played.

The Vikings host San Francisco this weekend. Considering the fines recently levied by the NFL on the New York Jets and former head coach Eric Mangini for a failure to list Favre on the injury report last year while he had a torn biceps in his throwing arm, Childress was asked if Favre would show up on the list.

"Until they tell me I have to do it for fingernails, I'm probably going to hold off on that," Childress said.

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