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Colts Postgame Quotes

Indianapolis Colts players comment on their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

Jeff Saturday, Center
(On way the game ended)
"It's tough. You drive down, you've got excitement, you feel like you're going to win the game and it's just a tough way to end it for everybody. It's frustrating."

(On Manning)
"He's a heck of a leader. There's nobody else I'd want to be behind me playing. He keeps battling, no excuses. It doesn't matter who's in the game or what formation, he's the guy who wants to put it on his shoulders and play."

Jerraud Powers, Defensive Back
(On the game)
"I thought we definitely got better as the game went along. We had a chance to win it at the end and it just didn't go our way."

(On defensive play in 2nd half)
"It's nothing to hang our hat on. As a defense, we started out slow and put ourselves in a hole. In the second half, we started getting them off the field and giving our offense more chances. Their defense made plays at the end to seal the win. It was one of those games, another classic."

Donald Brown, Running Back
(On the loss)
"Every loss is tough. It's a tough loss, very frustrating, but we'll circle the wagons and play the game next week."

Pierre Garcon, Wide Receiver
(On last play)
"It was probably a cover three or cover one, the safety came down and made a great play."

(On Manning's second interception)
"I don't know what happened. I ran my route. We called the play and we ran the play. Things happen."

Reggie Wayne, Wide Receiver
(On the team panicking after being down)
"No panic, but at halftime, you wish you started faster. You can't keep starting off slow, especially against a team like this. We played a good team today. A well-oiled machine, they feast off of other team's mistakes."

(On final drive)
"We've been there before. I was thinking victory all the way. At least we were going to overtime, but hats off to them. They made a great play."

Antoine Bethea, Defensive Back
(On thinking about flashbacks of last year)
"Like the last half it looked like we had been here before, like it has been played out many of times. New England went up early, then us coming back and just finding a way."

(On James Sanders' interception)
"It was very deflating because the game was over then. It was a great play by him."

Kelvin Hayden, Defensive Back
(On the game)
"It all came down to third downs, we got to find a way to get the Patriots into third and longs.
Third and two, third and three it is just so tough to get off the field. We just have to go back to the drawing board, see what we did wrong. "

(On whether the Patriots did some things differently)
"No, it was just the point of executing. We had to go out there and do the job and we didn't do the job on third down."

(On controlling their destiny)
"Tennessee lost today, and also Houston lost today so it helps us out a little, but we don't want to depend on teams losing, and we are losing as well. We just want to go out there and do our job and win. We got to get over this fast because we got another good team coming in next week and we have to get back on the winning track."

Blair White, Wide Receiver
(On the game and his touchdown catch)
"It is never good to lose. It was a tough way to lose. We just need to come out and get better every day. It was cover two and the safety was double teaming Reg (Reggie Wayne) and I have to get open. That opened it up for Reg (Reggie Wayne) and Peyton (Manning) put it right on the money. We would like to be on top and be able to do what we want to do in the game, but that just wasn't the case today. We had a chance and it is a tough way to lose. It was a team effort and I have to get better and we all have to get better. We lost and that is the bottom line. Anytime you lose you are not doing things right. We will try to figure it out.

Dan Muir, Defensive Tackle
(On the game and the loss)
"It is a hard pill to swallow, but they came out and played better than us. They watch film just like we watch film and they came out and executed with what they needed to do. They executed better than us. Unfortunately, they came up with a big play at the end and that sealed the game. It is nothing you can put your finger on, at that time the plays went their way. This is a bitter loss, really bitter. You have to give them credit, they came out and played extremely well and they won the football game.
Adam Vinatieri, Kicker
(On the rivalry with the Patriots)
"Having played for both teams, it is a little strange coming back. It was a tough way to lose. Watching the team drive down the field and thinking about kicking a game tying field goal against the Pats and then the interception and it's over. It is a lot of emotion."

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