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Competition Committee's Jeff Fisher says ball inflation will be discussed

In light of the league's ongoing investigation of allegations against the Patriots, the NFL will indeed look into the issue of ball inflation this offseason.

Devin McCourty, DB

INDIANAPOLIS – Rams coach Jeff Fisher is a key member of the NFL's Competition Committee that evaluates rules changes each offseason.

Not surprisingly Fisher said Friday in his Combine press conference at Lucas Oil Stadium that the Committee will indeed be looking into rules and procedures surrounding the inflation of game footballs this offseason. This comes amidst the NFL's ongoing investigation into the alleged use of underinflated footballs by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

"Every year we have Wilson come in and we discuss balls and gauges and discuss that. But I would submit that we probably wouldn't have any discussions until everything has been resolved at the league office," Fisher said, alluding the forthcoming Wells report of the NFL investigation.

Fisher also said that alterations to the league's instant replay rules will be a hot topic this offseason, and that there may be more support for Bill Belichick's previous proposal that all plays be allowed for review, including penalties.

"We've got a sense for that," Fisher acknowledged. "There are a number of proposals this year, probably the largest number I can remember, with respect replay and a number of those proposals involved including penalties. So that will be discussed. That will probably be one of the major topics discussed when we resume our meetings."

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