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Cowboys Postgame Quotes 10/11

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett and select players comment on their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, October 11, 2015


On the inability of Dallas Cowboys offense to move the ball and what kind of impact it had on the game:
"I think it had a significant impact. We didn't move the ball well on offense throughout the game. When you play a team like that, you have to be able to do that. I thought we did some things well defensively during this game. We did particularly well in getting to the quarterback, getting them out of rhythm a little bit and preventing them from moving the ball early on in the game. We did well in getting some negative plays, getting some sacks and keeping them out of their rhythm. They're good at maintaining their rhythm throughout their games. I thought it was important for us to take advantage of those opportunities. We didn't do enough over the course of the game offensively."

On QB Brandon Weeden's game play and missing opportunities:
"Well it's a good football team that we played today. They've won a lot of games. They're the world champions and playing really as well as they ever have in the first month of the season. They play at a high level. You have to be at your best and we weren't at our best today. Give them credit. They have a lot to do with that. They're a well coached team. They have a lot of really good players. They have a lot of really good players on offense. They have a lot of really good players on defense and in the kicking game. You need to play better than we played. You need to win matchups. You need to make throws. You need to break tackles. You need to do a lot of things to beat a team like this. At times we did some positive things on offense. Obviously we weren't consistent enough to sustain drives and score points. Defensively we had some good stops early in the ball game but as the game went on, they were able to make some plays. It's a collaborative effort. It's a team effort. They were the better team today. There's no question about that."

On New England's ability to take TE Jason Witten out of the game:
Witten has been a guy that teams have tried to take away for a long time. He's a really good football player. He's a guy that we target a lot. He has been very successful for us. So the more weapons you have on offense, the harder it is for defenses like that to take a guy away. The other guys have to step up and make some plays. A couple times our guys made some plays, but not enough. The attention stayed on a guy like Witten; the attention stayed on a guy like [Cole] Beasley. You work hard to move those guys around and do different things to wriggle them free but at the same time the complimentary players have to show up as well.

On RDE Greg Hardy and MLB Rolando McClain's impact in the game:
"They did a good job. Certainly they made some impactful plays. We had a lot of single rushes against the Patriots with the scheme that we used. Those guys took advantage of it. You don't see that offense going backwards a whole lot. We were able to get to the quarterback, hit him and get them out of rhythm. They kept them in check a little bit in the early part of this ball game. They have a good offensive team. The quarterback is outstanding and they do a lot of good things. You have to sustain that. As the game went on they did a lot of good things to allow them to drive and score points."

On impact of Greg Hardy:
"He's a good football player and he works hard. He had a really good training camp for us and did well in the preseason. He's had a good week of practice so it didn't surprise me that he would have a really good impact in the game."

On thought process of moving Greg Hardy around on the Defensive line:
"That's something we do with all our defensive lineman. They all play different spots. Outside guys play inside. Inside guys play outside. Often times we go from right to left. He certainly is a capable player. He's done that throughout his career. He's played both inside and outside in college. We have some other guys that can do that as well. You're looking for matchups. You're looking to change things up. Change the look for the opposing offense. We did some of that today and I think it was effective for us."

On evaluating the starting quarterback for next game:

On evaluation of QB Brandon Weeden's game play:
"Brandon didn't play well enough. We didn't play well enough. We're going to watch the tape and evaluate each guy and each unit to see how we can play better. That's just the process we go through each week. Ultimately we didn't score enough points. Brandon was a part of that, but everybody else was a part of it to. We need to run the ball on a more consistent basis. We just need to be able to control the line of scrimmage more in the running game. They did a good job loading the box up and when that happens you have to be able to make plays outside. Receivers have to get open and quarterbacks have to deliver the throws. At times we were able to do that today. Other times we weren't able. We didn't do it consistently well enough throughout the game."

On whether you would consider making a quarterback change tonight:
"No, because Brandon gave us the best chance to win today. It's a collaborative effort. It's a team effort. It starts with protection and it starts with receivers and tight ends and backs winning on routes. Certainly the quarterback is a big part of it and his decision making in the ability to deliver the throws. We'll go back and watch the tape. We'll see some things we like and we'll see some things we need to improve upon."

On three straight losses and importance of a bye-week:
"The bye always comes at a good time for every team in this league. That will help us get a chance to evaluate the first five weeks and try to make the adjustments necessary to go forward."

On defensive deterioration in the second half of the game and reasoning:
"It's a good offensive football team. I think if you look at them over the course of the last 15 years you can see that. Certainly they are playing at a very high level. I think you stay out there and you keep battling and keep fighting and try to get some stops. They were able to run the ball a little bit better in the second half; they were a little bit better in getting away from the man coverage in the second half. The quarterback did a good job in delivering the throws and making the plays."

On CB Byron Jones game play against TE Rob Gronkowski in man-to-man coverage:
"I thought he [Byron Jones] did a good job for the most part throughout the ball game. He competed with him. He challenged him. He [Rob Gronkowski] did have some receptions later on in the game that were big, but we put him out there and gave him a chance to cover him. I think he did a pretty good job."

On missed tackles in the secondary:
" We just have to get better at it. That's an important part of playing a team like this. The quarterback [Tom Brady] got the ball out quickly. He throws it to the underneath guy and then you have to tackle them. They're good space runners. You have to go up and tackle them. When you play a team like this every down is critical. It builds on the previous one. At times we had some chances to get the guy down and we didn't do that. We got them in some manageable third down situations, allowed them to get first downs and get some more opportunities. That's an area that we have to improve upon."

On reasoning behind a three man defensive line against the Patriots:
"We just thought it was a good thing to do against these guys. We thought it would create some good matchups for us and get the right guys out on the field against all their different personnel groups and looks. For us to play the right coverage behind it and create some one-on-one's up front. I think it was effective for us. We hit the quarterback a lot and that's what you have to do against a team like this. They're really efficient and they're really good. They play at a high level and so you have to disrupt them in some way. I think we were able to do that."

On comfort level with the running game:
"We're always trying to get better. We're always trying to create the right environment for those guys to run it. We want to see those guys perform at a high level. We're trying to get better on all parts of our team."

On expectations of WR Dez Bryant coming back after the bye-week:
"We'll take Dez's situation day by day. He's certainly improving. You see him moving around more and more each day. It seems like he's getting back to being himself. We're not going to make any predictions on when he'll be back."

On how to move forward in a positive manner after this game:
"We have the right kind of guys on our team. We have the right kind of coaches and we have the right kind of players who know that the solutions are in our building. We're going to go back to work and each of us is going to try to get better. We're going to handle the adversity the right way and try to improve. We're going to get this thing on the right track. This is a good opportunity for us with the break to evaluate what we're doing in all areas and try to improve upon some things to clean the slate. That's what we're going to do."


*On tonight's game: *
"We just couldn't get it going. We could never establish any momentum. Kind of like last week, we weren't great on first or second down. We had some down and distance issues against a team like that. They had a great game plan. We knew what their game plan was probably going to be. They wanted to take away 82 (Cowboys TE Jason Witten) and take away 11 (Cowboys WR Cole Beasley). They did that, especially on third downs. We got behind the chains a little bit and just didn't execute overall as an offense. Our defense played their tales off the entire night. They were on the field too much in the first half and that falls on us. We've got to do our part. You give a quarterback (Patriots QB Tom Brady) like that too many opportunities, he is going to take advantage. Overall, it was not good enough to win and it wasn't something to be proud of."

*On his progress this season: *
"I think they were plays there that we missed and plays we can do better on, but I think we try to find the positives. You can't sit back and rewind on those bad plays. You've got to learn from them and move on, and try not to make them again. That's got to be our mindset. Obviously we are in a little bit of a rut. We've got to get out of that. But this is a good team and we've got good players. The by week is obviously at a good time and we can get some guys back and get back to work to get ready for the Giants."

*On his offensive line protection: *
"I took a couple sacks, but it's a good front. They are explosive, they are fast guys. They are guys that can get off the ball. I don't know how many times I threw it but I thought they played extremely well. They are a good front and they had a good scheme. When you have a good scheme, good players, and good coaches, it is a recipe for success for them."

*On available plays down field: *
"We took the shot early to (Cowboys WR) Terrance (Williams). The way (the Patriots) play, the free safety plays pretty deep, and he is rangy. So you have to be careful with those deep throw, or whatever there may be on the sideline because he can cover a lot of ground back there. They do a good job of rerouting on the inside and doing things like that for the man-on-man stuff. I thought we took a few shots. We threw some different route combinations, we just didn't put it all together at the right time to get some momentum going to establish those drives.

"We'll go back and look at the tape. Obviously on the interior they are taking away Witten and taking away Beasley. So those are a lot of our opportunities out there. We went out there and we completed a few of them. We had a few that were close and we just didn't come down with them. Overall it is tough because you look at the game and the way that it played out. Late in the game they are dropping eight so they are not going to give you those short drops down the field. On the interception I just got a little greedy. I should have just kept going down the field. I got a little greedy and I tried to throw the full shot and it just wasn't a good throw. I was just not being patient and I know better than that.

*On evaluation at the QB position: *
"I don't want to talk about it. I'll let my play do the talking. I think that I played well coming in at Philadelphia, then I played well against Atlanta and New Orleans. Today wasn't my best, but I have to put that behind me. That's (the coaches') decisions. That's what their role is. My role is to play football and be ready, so I'm going to play like I always do.

*On the Cowboys' final drive: *
"I rushed it. I rushed the throw and just missed him. Me and (Cowboys TE) Gavin (Escobar) have been working on that fade route for a few weeks now and we just haven't hit on it yet. Obviously the game was out of reach but you just want to hit those, for a confidence factor and to take advantage of receivers running good routes."

*On the Patriots' defensive game plan: *
"We knew we were going to get a lot of single high. They scattered in a couple two deep zones and we had some situations that they maybe they hadn't done in the last few weeks, but we knew that. They are a game plan defense. They are going to try to use our tendencies and our personnel to call their defense. But early on when the game was in reach, we knew we were going to get different fronts and some change in coverages and I had feeling they were going to take away Witten and Beasley, and that's what their plan was."

*On expectations as quarterback: *
"That's for you guys to decide. I've got confidence in everybody that we run out there. Of course I am going to take a lot of the blame. That is just part of playing this position and right, wrong, or indifferent, that's just the way it works. I won't let it faze me. I left everything I had out on the field. Didn't get done out there offensively, but I can look myself in the mirror and say that I fought and I battled. I didn't make a couple throws and I missed some things, but the last couple weeks I felt like I played well enough to keep us in the game."

*On expectations of the offense: *
"You know you can't do what we did in the first few possessions. You can't go three and out. You can't let them get momentum and get drives. I thought our defense played extremely well. It was 13-3 at the half so we were right there. When you have a quarterback of that caliber and the weapons that he has got, and a great defense, you know you have to be on point."


On Greg Hardy...
"Having a guy like that that can rush inside and rush outside- we've got a lot of guys that can do it. Dave can do it, "D" (DeMarcus Lawrence) if he really wanted to do it, he can do it. Mincey can do it. We've got a lot of guys that can play different spots in there and hopefully it will get better once I get there."

How impressed were you given how long he's been out (Greg Hardy) and he comes out right from the start and takes over the game..
"Man I wasn't surprised. I think anyone who has been around him understands how dedicated he is to the sport and his craft. We see that every day in practice. The first day he came back he hit it hard and I fully expected him to do what he did today regardless of how he practices; him as a player; he's a great player so I fully expected that. But we need more of that, we need more of that from him, we need more of that from everybody else on the D-Line, everybody else on the D, as a team, as a whole. I think if we all play like him the record is going to show that for sure."

Given where you are physically, do you expect to be back after the next game?
"I should be. I think it's still kind of early to determine that. I'm doing all the right things off the field to get back on the field and I think the progress is right on track for what we set it on beginning after the injury. Only time will tell, but I'm ready to get back on the field."


Byron, in the first half you guys had a pretty good read on Gronk and in the second half eventually a guys like that's going to get some plays. Did they change anything? Did they do anything different in rubs/picks, anything like that?
"I think it was the first drive of the second half. They just made good adjustments. They threw a back shoulder fade when I was on the outside. I was playing aggressive over the top most of the game so that was a good adjustment. They threw a "now" pass to him as well. So they did throw a rub route in there. It was one of those routes you kind of know it was coming and you've got to play it."

Is there anything you can do in that situation as a defender on that back shoulder play?
"It's tough. It's tough. But more so get your eyes back so you can play the ball and try and make it.. You may not make a play on the ball but you may hit his hands or something like that and try to off balance the receiver. "

What do you think about the Patriots now? You've seen the big bad Patriots now...
"Obviously they're a good team and great organization. Well coached and they showed it today. "

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