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David Patten Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Wide Receiver David Patten talks to the press about their win over the Colts, 38-17.To read a full transcript, click below.



Q: Well you are the general.

DP: Well it was a good day. First of all I want to give God all of the glory and honor. Things were clicking out there. Charlie [Weis] making a lot of great calls, guys playing hard, I really can't take much of the credit, it was a total team effort.

Q: Talk about the reverse on your first touchdown?

DP: That's one of the plays that I can't take credit for. Coming around the right end at first I saw a couple of linemen, but once I got past the linemen everybody was completely blocked it was just a matter of using the speed to get to the end zone. So I give my team the credit on that play.

Q: And then you end up throwing a 63-yard touchdown bomb to Troy Brown?

DP: We had that play set up all week and I lobbied for that play towards the end of the week and they gave me an opportunity to throw it, so I am glad a touchdown was thrown off of it so now everyone knows that I have an arm.

Q: How does it feel to catch, run and throw for a touchdown? Walter Payton is the last one to do that?

DP: I'll tell you this is the first I have heard of it today. Like I said it was a great day. It was one of those days were everything was clicking. It seemed like every time I touched the ball I was able to make something happen and that is what I pride myself on. I think I am able to do that every time that I go out on the field and today I got it done.

Q: After you made the first two were you hoping for that call that would give you the opportunity?

DP: It was in the back of mind from the beginning of the week once they let me practice it during the week. I didn't know whether he was going to call it, but it was one of those days where whatever he was calling it was working, so hey why not and it came up with a touchdown.

Q: Coach Belichick was saying that Troy Brown was supposed to throw it and then in practice you threw it further that he did?

DP: Exactly, like I said I was lobbying for it and they gave me an opportunity. Troy beat his man and I told him, I said, 'Troy I don't care what they do, I am going to throw the ball up just don't let them intercept it' and he scored a touchdown.

Q: Considering your Odyssey in the NFL can you believe this scene right now? You are the toast of this team and everyone wants to talk to you, you have been through a lot?

DP: I will tell you what it has truly been a dream of mine. I have dreamed of these times and today to actually realize it, it is truly a great blessing. That is why I can't take any credit for it. The road that I have a taken to get here, I knew the Lord has had his hands on it and I give him the glory.

Q: Do you have any idea what a win like this, the first win on the road can do for a team?

DP: After the win last week the message in the locker room last week was if we get one win maybe we can get that second win and third win. So we got that second win, next week we are going to come out, we are going to work hard. We are not going to take next week for granted. Just like we forgot about the losses we are going to forget about this win and come out to work next week.

Q: Are you surprised how accurate [Tom] Brady was today?

DP: Not at all. Brady has been doing that from day one, in training camp, whenever he has had the opportunity he has done that. Now he is in the limelight and he is just doing what he is capable of doing.

Q: How long ago were you loading coffee bags on the truck?

DP: About four and a half, five years ago. That experience really makes me appreciate where I am today.

Q: Take us back to that what were you doing?

DP: I was loading 18-wheeler trucks with 75-pound coffee bean bags. It was a ten-hour day shift, strenuous work on the back. Early in my career I had a little back strain and it might have come from that job.

Q: And that was your job?

DP: That's it, that's it. At that point in time in my life I wasn't where I needed to be as far as serving the Lord and I felt like he was opening up my eyes making me realize I had to depend on him. At that point in time I had given up on football. I was ready to move on with my life, get my family started. I always had that survival mentality. Whatever I have to do to make it, that is what I was prepared to do.

Q: Did you feel that those plays really caught them flat footed, the first three plays, that they were maybe expecting something a little more conservative?

DP: Most definitely. We came out the last outing and had a really good day running the ball so they were expecting us to come out with the same game plan and for Charlie to call those types of plays early on that shows his know how and also his confidence in his players.

Q: Where did the gun come from?

DP: 24 years of playing football. When you are not catching the ball you are throwing it. You are out in the yard and you are throwing it back and forth.

Q: Did you throw in arena ball or in college?

DP: Never before, I have always lobbied for it, but I have never got the opportunity and I finally got an opportunity.

Q: The 91-yard touchdown pass, was that a check off play?

DP: No that was a called play. It was an adjustment. The guy came up and pressed and anytime we saw that we wanted to take a shot at a deep ball and we got that opportunity and Tom put a great ball up. I felt like I owed that to him. Last week I dropped one of the first deep balls that he threw last week and I couldn't sleep all week and to make that connection for him, it made me really feel good.

Q: Did you know once you caught it that you were gone?

DP: Anytime you catch a deep ball you like to think that you can take it to the house and I was fortunate to do that today.

Q: In the middle of all of these things that you are doing today, is there a little guy inside you just jumping up and down?

DP: You couldn't even begin to believe. I am so excited I am just trying to stay calm right now, but it is like a life long, all of my life efforts and what I put into this game is finally coming to pass and it is truly a great feeling.

Q: To bring up one negative thing, early in the third quarter you came across the middle, Brady threw to you I think it was a third down play, it looked like it was in your hands and you didn't get it?

DP: What happened was they blitzed and I am not responsible for any blitz pickups and he threw the ball because he was getting hit and I picked the ball up late. It was a great ball.

Q: You didn't have a good look at it?

DP: No.

Q: Because it looked like you could have gone a long way on that one.

DP: Oh yeah, I was wide open and that just shows the heads up of him because he is not even supposed to look at me on the hot routes, but he is that type of player to make something happen.

Q: How are you going to enjoy yourself tonight?

DP: Not too much because my family is in South Carolina, but if they were in town it would have been a great night, but I guess I will go home and watch a little SportsCenter.

Q: Did they get a chance to see the game?

DP: Probably not because the game is not aired there, but they will hear about it.

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