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Devin McCourty Media Availability Transcript 7/30

Patriots Safety Devin McCourty addresses the media during his interview following a Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, July 30, 2016.

Q: What was it like working out down in Arizona with Logan Ryan and how was this different from previous years?

DM: It's been good, man, first three days, just being back out here. Obviously, the first day in pads is like when it all begins for us. I think everyone is starting to gel, just having fun playing football right now. 

Q: Why does it seem like everyone is more amped up in pads?

DM: You see a run game, finally, not just passing every play. I just think it's real football. We come out here and we get to work on fundamentals and all of those things. We're seeing guys' mentalities, being able to play violently. That's what football is all about. 

Q: Are the rookies up for that task of playing so much more competitively once the pads come on?

DM: I think so; I mean you play football your whole life, especially once the nerves calm down. But I remember my rookie year [when the pads came on], you're just nervous. You don't know what to expect, what the tempo kind of is, how you practice at the next level, but they'll ease, they'll calm down, and then they'll be ready to go. 

Q: What's it like to see the ramps of Gillette Stadium packed and just having people everywhere?

DM: It's a fun atmosphere. I think coming out here, obviously, it's only day three, but once we get into training camp and it's just day after day, practicing against the same people, seeing the fans come out and seeing how motivating and inspiring they are coming out here - it's hot out here standing out in the sun just to cheer us on - I think it gives us a little oomph. It gives us an edge coming out here too. 

Q: What does the one-on-one stuff do for the competiveness of practice?

DM: It gets going, guys are competitive. Obviously, that's not full game-like, but it's fun just to go against a guy and I think it really gets you better in those individual matchups, which we'll have a lot of once we get into the season playing against different players. 

Q: How do you feel Chris Hogan will benefit the receiver group and can he make the defensive backs better as well?

DM: Like I always say, any good player you add to the team, it helps out. [Chris] Hogan is a hard-working guy. Working out with him for the first time this offseason, I saw how much work he puts in, so just that day-to-day grind of him coming out, he catches everything. Just him going out there trying to beat guys, especially in training camp, the competitive edge of going day after day, play after play against each other, I think he'll get us a lot better. 

Q: Did his strength stand out to you when the receivers and defensive backs were doing run-blocking drills?

DM: Yeah, but the receivers can't block us. They're pretty boys, they don't block us.  

Q: Does it bother you that every time Rob Gronkowski scores a touchdown in practice he celebrates like it's his first ever?

DM: No, I think he celebrates when they throw passes on error too, so that's just what he does. I'm happy he's on our team, though. 

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