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Draft Prospect Notes: Defensive Line

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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DT1Ndamukong SuhNebraska6-33075.02
Notes: [Andy Hart] Athlete who closes in both run and pass, but sometimes doesn't finish. Powerful and quick. Great motor. Has a litle nasty to him. [Erik Scalavino] Relentless getting after the QB or ball carrier; tough to block 1-on-1; very athletic for his build; knack for blocking kicks, too.
DT2Gerald McCoyOklahoma6-42955.04
Notes: [Andy Hart] Quick. Makes plays. Moves laterally very well. More one-gap than Suh. 40 starts. Great attitude. Uses hands well in pass rush. Solid tackler. [Erik Scalavino] Nearly identical skill set to Suh.
DT3Dan WilliamsTennessee6-23275.19
Notes: [Andy Hart] Strong. Good burst. NT type. Moves well, athletic for size. Active. Two-gap potential/experience? [Erik Scalavino] Noticeably slower, heavier than the top two, but still makes plays; moves well for his size.
DT4Jared OdrickPenn State6-53045.03
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DT5Brian PriceUCLA6-13035.08
Notes: [Andy Hart] Powerful. Missile off ball at times, finishes plays. Good motor. Stout build. [Erik Scalavino] Versatility to line up inside or out; decent speed; ferocious player vs. run or pass.
DTTerrence CodyAlabama6-43495.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] NT. Two-down player. Fat. Can hold and beat double teams. Pops up at snap at times and plays too high. [Erik Scalavino] Just a big, slow blob with no moves.
DTLamarr HoustonTexas6-33054.84
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 end potential. Good motor, strenght buy can be held in check at LOS at times. [Erik Scalavino] Limited footage, but seems like he has potential.
DTArthur JonesSyracuse6-32955.04
Notes: [Andy Hart] Injuries. Undersized nose tackle? Made a lot of plays. Two-gap?. [Erik Scalavino] Reminds me of Jarvis Green; seems solid; nothing spectacular, but could develop in time.
DTTorell TroupCentral Florida6-33145.12
Notes: [Andy Hart] NT, 3 year starter and captain. Dropped 30 lbs as senior. Reads plays well. Plays high vs. double teams. Versatile potential. [Erik Scalavino] . Best suited as a 3-4 nose, perhaps; not a large arsenal of moves; could be a project.
DTAl WoodsLSU6-4312
Notes: [Andy Hart] Once a highly touted prospect. Big, athletic man who eats up blockers and can make plays. Little high at times. Production doesn't equal potential Good versatility.. [Erik Scalavino] Moves well side-to-side and can get into the backfield; great potential as a 3-4 end; would be a developmental player, but definitely worth taking in mid to late rounds.
DTTyson AlualuCalifornia6-32954.87
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good athlete. 38 starts. Lean build. OK quickness. 4-3 guy. [Erik Scalavino] . Speedy, relentless player; athletic, probably better suited as a 4-3 end or 3-4 OLB..
DTD'Anthony SmithLouisiana Tech6-23004.95
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DTMike NealPurdue6-32934.96
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DTCam ThomasNorth Carolina6-43315.18
Notes: [Andy Hart] No footage but scouting report is as a two-gap, nose tackle run stuffer. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments.
DTGeno AtkinsGeorgia6-12934.75
Notes: [Andy Hart] Inconsistent. Quick, fast and strong. Undersized and explosive. 4-3 guy. Makes a lot of plays when at his best. [Erik Scalavino] . Pretty quick shooting through the gaps; could have some versatility along the line as well, though he'd need to add weight.
DTLinval JosephEast Carolina6-63225.32
Notes: [Andy Hart] No footage, but seen as versatile, riser in class.. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted.
DTNate CollinsVirginia6-22795.08
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DTBrandon DeakerickAlabama6-42964.96
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DTMartin TevaseuUNLV6-1329
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DTCory PetersKentucky6-33004.98
Notes: [Andy Hart] 4 year starter. Inconsistent. Can be doubled. DE? Two-gap?. [Erik Scalavino] . Not as quick as others his size, but could be a late-round project.
DTJeff OwensGeorgia6-13044.97
Notes: [Andy Hart] Strong, 44 reps. Not quick. NT project?. [Erik Scalavino] . Does everything OK, nothing great.
DTMalcolm SheppardArkansas6-22855.11
Notes: [Andy Hart] Makes plays only when unblocked. Decent effort and motor. Looks like big LB. [Erik Scalavino] . Athletic; seems quick, too; can shoot the gap; a nice sleeper pick.
DE1Derrick MorganGeorgia Tech6-32664.77
Notes: [Andy Hart] True 4-3 end. Good motor. Doesn't always close well. Not elite in my mind. [Erik Scalavino] Tough to handle 1-on1; speedy; stout vs. run and pass.
DE2Carlos DunlapFlorida6-62774.68
Notes: [Andy Hart] Physically compares to Peppers or Williams. Elite measurables. Closes and finishes. . [Erik Scalavino] Uses speed and power to rush the QB; can pursue down the line as well; great talent, but an off-field headache; if not for the latter, he'd be the ideal pick at this position.
DE3Jason Pierre-PaulSouth Florida6-52704.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Limited experience. Raw. Pretty explosive and closes well. Good motor. [Erik Scalavino] Very raw talent; still has a lot to learn, despite showing great athleticism and instincts; probably overrated heading into the draft.
DE4Everson GriffenUSC6-42734.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] Inconsistent. Good but not elite pass rush. Not as good a FB player as his measurements. Huge upside that he'll likely never get to. [Erik Scalavino] Gets a lot of "easy" sacks/tackles after others have done the work; not overly impressive highlights.
DE5Brandon GrahamMichigan6-12634.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DEAusten LaneMurray State6-62764.84
Notes: [Andy Hart] 23 sacks in last two years at lower level. Needs to get stronger. Closes and finishes. Athlete. Lean. Verty interesting OLB option for NEP. [Erik Scalavino] . High-intensity player with great size/speed; raw, but natural talent; could be versatile enough to play either end or OLB as well.
DEJermaine CunninghamFlorida6-42664.68
Notes: [Andy Hart] NEP OLB project. Good bubble. Decent burst. Good not great pass rush. Good two-way player with OK power. Keep an eye on. [Erik Scalavino] . Average skills, but exhibits good hustle.
DECorey WoottonNorthwestern6-62804.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DEJason WorildsVirginia Tech6-12544.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] Pretty quick and fast, but doesn't always close well. Not a big hitter. Decent power. Position?. [Erik Scalavino] . Good speed/power combo; can drop into pass coverage far downfield, too; maybe better suited as a 3-4 OLB.
DEGred HardyMississippi6-42814.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lot of injuries. Made plays when healthy. High upside. Doesn't play strong. [Erik Scalavino] . Very quick, athletic moves to rush the passer; an impressive mid-round talent.
DELindsey WittenConnecticut6-52504.70
Notes: [Andy Hart] Looks part as OLB. Decent athlete with good power and tenacity. Late OLB option?. [Erik Scalavino] . Decent power moves for a lighter guy; another potential OLB prospect.
DEGeorge SelvieSouth Florida6-52524.93
Notes: [Andy Hart] Former 1st round prospect. Quick off the ball. Proven production when healthy and has dealt with focus of offenses . [Erik Scalavino] . Solid all-around player; doesn't "wow," but gets the job done.
DEWillie YoungNorth Carolina State6-52514.84
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DEBrandon LangTroy6-42604.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DEAlex CarringtonArkansas State6-52844.78
Notes: [Andy Hart] Short arms. Senior Bowl riser with supposed 3-4 end potential. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted..
DEC.J. WilsonEast Carolina6-32904.83
Notes: [Andy Hart] Real DE. Slow off ball a times. Only a workmanlike pass rusher. Catches blockers. JAG. [Erik Scalavino] . Insufficient footage to judge.
DEKevin BaspedNevada6-62404.76
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DEJohn FletcherWyoming6-62724.85
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted . [Erik Scalavino] No Comments Posted
DERahim AlemLSU6-32514.75
Notes: [Andy Hart] Faller. Decent project. Good size. Made plays at times. [Erik Scalavino] . Not overly impressive skills, but shows good effort on most plays.
DEClifton GeathersSouth Carolina6-7281
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] . Intriguing size; decent athleticism; a bit raw, but could be worth the time/effort to develop.
DEJeffrey FitzgeraldKansas State6-4271
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] . Average overall; a bit slower than others in this group.
DEAuston EnglishOklahoma6-3252
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments. [Erik Scalavino] . Pedestrian at best; hustles to overcompensate for his lack of skills, though; another OLB candidate.
DEJan JorgensenBYU6-2260**
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments Posted. [Erik Scalavino]. Limited pass-rush moves; not very quick compared to others.

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