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Draft Prospect Report: Outside Linebackers


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Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
OLB 1 Aaron Curry Wake Forest 6-2 254 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Very good athlete and all-around player. Safe pick. But might not make a ton of game changing plays.[Erik Scalavino] Good athlete who can make plays, but doesn't appear to be a dominant force on the field. Might be better suited as a 4-3 'backer than a pass-rush specialist in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Excellent athlete; Looks like 3-4 ILB; Solid coverage.
OLB 2 Brian Cushing USC 6-3 243 4.74
Notes: Andy Hart] Physical and versatile. Not an elite pass rusher. Good motor. Not sure about his upside.[Erik Scalavino] Explosive at times. Has football speed. Fights through blocks.[Paul Perillo] Too much catch and grab tackling; Fights through trash well; Good athlete.
OLB 3 Clay Matthews USC 6-3 240 4.67
Notes: [Andy Hart] One-year starter who's become very overrated. Solid, tough, good motor. But a first-round pick? No.[Erik Scalavino] Hustler, but not a dominant player. Still very raw.[Paul Perillo] Shoots gaps; Good quickness; Good motor; Not much starting experience; Needs refinement.
OLB 4 Larry English Northern Illinois 6-2 255 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] Proven pass rusher. Competition level doesn't worry me. Just gets to the QB. Will grow into LB role.[Erik Scalavino] Makes plenty of plays, even against tougher foes. Very aggressive. Has a gift for getting to the quarterback.[Paul Perillo*] Strong and physical; Plays hard; Comes hard off edge; Real good pass rusher; Interesting prospect.
OLB 5 Aaron Maybin Penn State 6-4 249 4.78
No footage available.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
OLB Clint Sintim Virginia 6-3 256 4.78
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good build. Exp. in 3-4, but not much coverage. Gets knocked off rush. Not elite at anything. Solid. [Erik Scalavino] Made his share of big plays, but often against lesser competition. Shows some ability to rush the passer. Needs work, but has the talent necessary for the next level.[Paul Perillo] Prototypical pass rusher; Great quickness off edge.
OLB Marcus Freeman Ohio State 6-1 239 4.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] 4-3 guy. Run and react type. Doesn't take on blocks. Not great FB speed.[Erik Scalavino] Good speed, but doesn't always seem to use it. Can make plays sideline-to-sideline. A bit undersized compared to others at this spot.[Paul Perillo] Good agility; Looked bigger than his listing; Has experience in coverage; Didn't look like a 3-4 OLB.
OLB Tyrone McKenzie South Florida 6-2 243 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] More of an inside guy. Very productive. Good motor, but doesn't stand out in any one area.[Erik Scalavino] No Comments..[Paul Perillo] Another guy that looked like an ILB; Made a lot of plays; Plays hard; Not bad..
OLB Cody Brown Connecticut 6-2 244 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good athlete. Good motor. Short? Solid playing strength and closes well on plays.[Erik Scalavino] Never gives up on a play. Darts into the backfield using athletic moves and raw strength. Exhibits playmaking potential.[Paul Perillo] Real good athlete; Good quickness; Comes hard off edge; Plays ST; Makes plays.
OLB Zack Follett California 6-2 236 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 experience. Physical and plays with force. Scrappy, productive, hard-hitting player. Andy like.[Erik Scalavino] Always finds his way into the backfield. A proven playmaker and a big-time hitter. Along with Brown, Follett could be the best of this second tier.[Paul Perillo] Very aggressive; Good speed; Plays hard; Around the ball; Good all-around LB.
OLB Mortty Ivy West Virginia 6-2 248 4.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow, but still finds way to make plays. NFL ILB but not more than good college player. [Erik Scalavino] Makes some plays using his quickness and athleticism. Draft stock falling of late, however, perhaps due to slower-than-desired 40. [Paul Perillo] Looks like an ILB to me; Gets into the backfield despite limited speed; Made some plays.
OLB Jonathan Casillas Wisconsin 6-1 228 4.50
Notes: [Andy Hart] Probably a safety or hybrid guy. Can hit a little and make plays. Knee injury. Developmental project. [Erik Scalavino] Small for the position and tends to get lost in the mix. [Paul Perillo] Seemed out of position; Pretty physical; Bit of a pile jumper; Good instincts/quickness; Fights off blocks well; Can play in space - may be an NFL safety..
OLB Victor Butler Oregon State 6-2 248 4.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] 1 year starter. Pass rush specialist. Relentless. Plays longer than he is. Good late-round project.[Erik Scalavino] Solid skills, but nothing spectacular. Plays aggressively. [Paul Perillo] Good speed off edge; Real quick; Big playmaker; Fights through blocks and gets to quarterback; A solid sleeper.
OLB Johnny Williams Kentucky 6-2 242 4.72
No footage available.
OLB Brian Toal Boston College 6-1 238 4.67
No footage available.
OLB Robert Francois Boston College 6-3 243 4.73
No footage available.
OLB Slade Norris Oregon State 6-3 245 4.64
No footage available.
OLB Dan Skuta Grand Valley State 6-3 252 4.70
No footage available.
OLB Trey Covington Maryland 6-3 240 4.72
No footage available.
OLB Javon Belcher Maine 6-2 229 4.78
No footage available.

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