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Draft Prospect Report: Outside Linebackers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
OLB 1 Aaron Curry Wake Forest 6-2 254 4.56
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Very good athlete and all-around player. Safe pick. But might not make a ton of game changing plays.[*Erik Scalavino*] Good athlete who can make plays, but doesn't appear to be a dominant force on the field. Might be better suited as a 4-3 'backer than a pass-rush specialist in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Excellent athlete; Looks like 3-4 ILB; Solid coverage.
OLB 2 [Brian Cushing USC 6-3 243 4.74
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Physical and versatile. Not an elite pass rusher. Good motor. Not sure about his upside.[*Erik Scalavino*] Explosive at times. Has football speed. Fights through blocks.[*Paul Perillo*] Too much catch and grab tackling; Fights through trash well; Good athlete.
OLB 3 [Clay Matthews USC 6-3 240 4.67
Notes:*Andy Hart*] One-year starter who's become very overrated. Solid, tough, good motor. But a first-round pick? No.[*Erik Scalavino*] Hustler, but not a dominant player. Still very raw.[*Paul Perillo*] Shoots gaps; Good quickness; Good motor; Not much starting experience; Needs refinement.
OLB 4 [Larry English Northern Illinois 6-2 255 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] Proven pass rusher. Competition level doesn't worry me. Just gets to the QB. Will grow into LB role.[Erik Scalavino] Makes plenty of plays, even against tougher foes. Very aggressive. Has a gift for getting to the quarterback.[Paul Perillo] Strong and physical; Plays hard; Comes hard off edge; Real good pass rusher; Interesting prospect.
OLB 5 Aaron Maybin Penn State 6-4 249 4.78
No footage available.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
OLB Clint Sintim Virginia 6-3 256 4.78
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Good build. Exp. in 3-4, but not much coverage. Gets knocked off rush. Not elite at anything. Solid. [*Erik Scalavino*] Made his share of big plays, but often against lesser competition. Shows some ability to rush the passer. Needs work, but has the talent necessary for the next level.[*Paul Perillo*] Prototypical pass rusher; Great quickness off edge.
OLB Marcus Freeman Ohio State 6-1 239 4.74
**Notes:** [*Andy Hart*] 4-3 guy. Run and react type. Doesn't take on blocks. Not great FB speed.[Erik Scalavino] Good speed, but doesn't always seem to use it. Can make plays sideline-to-sideline. A bit undersized compared to others at this spot.[*Paul Perillo*] Good agility; Looked bigger than his listing; Has experience in coverage; Didn't look like a 3-4 OLB.
OLB [Tyrone McKenzie South Florida 6-2 243 4.7
Notes: *Andy Hart*] More of an inside guy. Very productive. Good motor, but doesn't stand out in any one area.[*Erik Scalavino*] No Comments..[*Paul Perillo*] Another guy that looked like an ILB; Made a lot of plays; Plays hard; Not bad..
OLB [Cody Brown Connecticut 6-2 244 4.7
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Good athlete. Good motor. Short? Solid playing strength and closes well on plays.[*Erik Scalavino*] Never gives up on a play. Darts into the backfield using athletic moves and raw strength. Exhibits playmaking potential.[*Paul Perillo*] Real good athlete; Good quickness; Comes hard off edge; Plays ST; Makes plays.
OLB [Zack Follett California 6-2 236 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 experience. Physical and plays with force. Scrappy, productive, hard-hitting player. Andy like.[Erik Scalavino] Always finds his way into the backfield. A proven playmaker and a big-time hitter. Along with Brown, Follett could be the best of this second tier.[Paul Perillo] Very aggressive; Good speed; Plays hard; Around the ball; Good all-around LB.
OLB Mortty Ivy West Virginia 6-2 248 4.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow, but still finds way to make plays. NFL ILB but not more than good college player. [Erik Scalavino] Makes some plays using his quickness and athleticism. Draft stock falling of late, however, perhaps due to slower-than-desired 40. [Paul Perillo] Looks like an ILB to me; Gets into the backfield despite limited speed; Made some plays.
OLB Jonathan Casillas Wisconsin 6-1 228 4.50
Notes: [Andy Hart] Probably a safety or hybrid guy. Can hit a little and make plays. Knee injury. Developmental project. [Erik Scalavino] Small for the position and tends to get lost in the mix. [Paul Perillo] Seemed out of position; Pretty physical; Bit of a pile jumper; Good instincts/quickness; Fights off blocks well; Can play in space - may be an NFL safety..
OLB Victor Butler Oregon State 6-2 248 4.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] 1 year starter. Pass rush specialist. Relentless. Plays longer than he is. Good late-round project.[Erik Scalavino] Solid skills, but nothing spectacular. Plays aggressively. [Paul Perillo] Good speed off edge; Real quick; Big playmaker; Fights through blocks and gets to quarterback; A solid sleeper.
OLB Johnny Williams Kentucky 6-2 242 4.72
No footage available.
OLB Brian Toal Boston College 6-1 238 4.67
No footage available.
OLB Robert Francois Boston College 6-3 243 4.73
No footage available.
OLB Slade Norris Oregon State 6-3 245 4.64
No footage available.
OLB Dan Skuta Grand Valley State 6-3 252 4.70
No footage available.
OLB Trey Covington Maryland 6-3 240 4.72
No footage available.
OLB Javon Belcher Maine 6-2 229 4.78
No footage available.

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