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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Mile High Stadium - Denver, CODrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q: Drew finally something to celebrate?**  

D: Yes this feels good it has been a longtime coming and it was a good win for us. We put it together offensively and defensively. We had the one little lapse special teams wise, but played a good game and it feels good to win.

Q: You have been working on the red zone all week long does it feel good to finally get some stuff done there?

D: For three weeks really we have been working on it and today we made the plays when we had to and that's really what it is. You get into the red zone and it comes down to individual plays and we made them today, we hadn't made them in the past.

Q: How important was it to jump out to that kind of lead?

D: It was very important. We were playing in a hostile place playing here at Mile High which is a very tough place to play, loud crowd. To jump out early and kind of get the crowd out of the game and take some of the wind out of their sails was very big for us. The Broncos historically, at least the three or four years have been a very fast starting team. They are going to try and come make plays on you early, but Willie (McGinest) forced the fumble on that first series and gave us great field position and we were able to get off to a good start.

Q: Everybody had this one written off back in New England that it was a hopeless situation going into Denver it says a lot for the character of the team doesn't it?

D: It really does and I have said all along that there are a lot of new faces on this team so there are a lot of guys that I don't know that well, but the guys that have been around for a little while I think over the years have shown some great resiliency and some great resolve. I think you guys have heard along that the effort hasn't been a problem with our team we just haven't made the plays when we needed to. That was the case today we finally came out and made the plays, but effort and intensity from our team has never been a problem.

Q: You take a 21-3 lead into halftime at what point do you start to feel a little bit comfortable and really comfortable?

D: Really not until right at the very end. Until we recovered the onside kick then it is, 'Okay now we just go out and kneel on it and the game is over', but strange things can happen in this league. You watch the way the games transpired throughout the season and there are all kind of strange things that happen so you know that in spite of the lead there still is a sense of urgency both offensively and defensively when you come back out.

Q: Your offense looks a lot better when you are able to spread the ball around…

D: Sure, we got contributions from a lot of people and really that is Charlie's (Weis) style as a coordinator. He wants to spread the ball around, use a lot formations and personnel groups and make things difficult on a defense. The last three weeks following the Tampa game I think we kind of pulled it in a little bit to try and cut down on some mental errors and also to try and address our offensive line situation which now we feel we have established fairly well. I don't think we are going to come out and just throw it on every down, but look for us to be probably a little more wide open from here on out.


D: That's what you have to do if you are going to win in this league is when the other team makes a play or when the score points you have to be able to respond to that and put points up on your own. If you don't then you get beat and you look at the Jets game where they scored and we weren't able to respond that's what it comes down to and today we were able to respond and put points up on the board when we had to.

Q: How much more meaning does it have for you breaking the passing record?

D: I think that I have said along with regard to individual records and so on when I am done with my career and I look back those things will probably be important to me, but right now the thing of huge importance is to win games. I'm proud that I set that record and I'm proud to have my name above (Steve) Grogan's in the record book, but those are the kinds of things that will have more meaning when my career is over.

Q: You addressed it a little bit, but where you just protected better or did you scale back some?

D: Our guys up front, I said for two weeks we have had the same group of guys working together and they are doing a very good job for me. With just few exceptions and really in a couple of situations where I held onto the ball longer than I should have I was protected very, very well. If that can continue to be the case with the weapons that we have with Terry (Glenn), and Troy (Brown), and Kevin Faulk and J.R. Redmond now who is making a contribution for us, we have a lot of weapons that we can make us of if that offensive line situation continues to progress like it has.

Q: Why is the short pass so effective?

D: They in a lot of situations played very far off of our receivers and when they did we tried to take advantage of that. They played some unique coverages that are really different from anybody else in the league, but there are some holes in their coverages that you can take advantage of if you have the time to find them. Today we were able to find them.

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