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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MADrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q:  What did you think of using the hurry-up offense?**  

D: I liked it. We had some fun with it. I was excited about it. I came in earlier in the week and (offensive coordinator) Charlie (Weis) brought it up and I was excited about it. We tried it earlier in the season against the (Tampa Bay) Bucs, but it didn't work out for us too well for us then, but this time it worked.

Q: Do you like using the hurry-up offense?

D: Yeah, yeah, that style of offense has been something that I've enjoyed since I was real young. It can cause problems because if you go three and out, throw three passes and you're out, then you didn't use much time and your defense is right back on the field. So, the important thing and our staff really gave me a lot of weapons to use, to get the ball moving on first down. Get a completion, on little quick screens or draws or whatever, really get the ball moving on first down and that's really the important thing in that style of offense.

Q: Is it important to you to know that you've made the commitment to the hurry-up offense?

D: Today, had we gone into the game and been ineffective the first few times we did it, we had another plan. Bruce Armstrong, and I'll give credit to Bruce here in a second. Had we gone in the first two series and gone three and out, we were going with the other plan. So, it was kind of on me if I wanted to continue to use it. I had to be successful with it early.

Q: Why don't you use keep using it?

D: We may. There's a chance that we'll use this more extensively from here on out. You also have to take into account who you're playing, the style of defense you're playing against and so on. These guys we felt like if we got out into this kind of a mode we could lock them into one or two coverages and that's really what happened. Then we were effective. You have a team where in that kind of a situation where if we present a bunch of different looks it could become very difficult.

Q: Did you look at the overall effort after the last couple weeks?

D: I think that after the last game, we were really faced with a challenge. After that embarrassment on Thanksgiving, we were faced with a challenge. Which way were we going to go? Were we just going to mail it in for the last four games or were we going to come out and compete? I think both sides of the ball and our special teams showed the willingness to compete and finish the season on a high note and that's really our motivation right now, to give ourselves something to build on into next year.

Q: Can you talk about Troy Brown?

D: Troy is a great competitor. He's hurt in pre game warm ups before the Detroit game is when he was injured. He played that whole game. He played all day today, and he not only played, he played extremely well. I think it is pretty well documented that Troy is one of my favorite guys in football and we got him a couple of balls today. We got him a couple of balls, but they came at the expense of Terry Glenn. We wanted to get Terry involved in the offense, but the Chiefs really tried to show a commitment to try to take him away. We had him outside all day. They had a guy under him and a guy over the top most of the time. We had to look to other guys to make the plays for us.

Q: Who decided on which personnel was on the field?

D: It was basically one personnel group. If we had to switch it and put two backs in or whatever then we just set it up. I had a good idea going into the game what I would want, regular people. When I wanted a different personnel group I would just signal to the sidelines and try to send them on.

Q: Can you talk about Jermaine Wiggins contribution tonight?

D: Yeah, he came in and showed real quick and showed that he was a guy that could get open and catch the ball for us. He came in and contributed. I think he's got two career touchdowns, and both of them on Monday. He should play on Monday night every week, bounce around from team to team and play on Monday night.

Q: You ran across the field to speak to Tony Gonzalez, what did you say to him?

D: I just told him that I love to watch him play. I think he's one of the better players in the league right now. I saw him walking off the field and you could see he was just worn out. The Chiefs obviously rely heavily on him. I saw him walking off the field and thought I should go say something.

Q: Does this show that this team has some fight left?

D: Yeah. As I said earlier, that was a really big question coming into this game is which way are we going to go? There's very little middle ground when it comes to where your attitude is at this point of the season when you're out of it. You're either going to mail it in and give a poor effort and start looking at the off season. Or you're going to try to compete and finish the season on a high note. I think we showed which way we want to go.

Q: How is your thumb?

D: It is kind of a static thing. It's an irritation, but overall it doesn't have an effect on what I'm going to do, other than a few throws.

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