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Drew Bledsoe Press Conference

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DB:: Well that one wasn't very good. Really the story of the game for us offensively was we had some opportunities early in the game to make some plays, we got ourselves in some third and short yardage situations and didn't convert those. We had some opportunities in the passing game and didn't hit those early in the game and then after that their defense kind of took control a little bit and really slowed us down. It's was a very frustrating game for us offensively to go out and not produce the way we wanted to. You have to give credit to their defense they are one of the best in the league for obvious reasons, but at the same time it is very disappointing not to produce more than we did.

Q: What do you think did work well?

DB:: I'll have to tell you after we look at the film. We started off the game with some production in our running game and got some production out of a screen and there were a couple things early in the game, but then after that we really just didn't do much that could be construed as positive after those first couple series.

Q: Did it kind of feel like last year with the constant pressure?

DB:: They are very good and to handle Warren Sapp you really have to pay special attention to the guy because he is one of the best players in the league for obvious reasons he does a great job. Their defense is very good across the board. They have great speed and they're very, very tough to play against, but that being said we still should be able to produce more than we did.

Q: Had this been a regular season game and with your offensive line in the condition that it is in now, would you have approached it differently?

DB:: I don't know, I don't know the answer to that. We went in with a game plan to try and neutralize some of their speed with some of the screens and draws and so on and started getting that going early and slowed their pass rush down a little bit. But when we ended up in a bunch of those third and long situations it makes it very, very difficult to convert against these guys.

Q: Could you have done anything differently on those short yardage plays?

DB:: No those are really attitude plays where you are going to line up, you are going to bring a bunch of big guys in the game, you are going to line up and run the ball at them. You just need to be able to get one yard against somebody. On one of them we elected to take a shot and didn't convert on that one. That was the plan early on to take a shot at third and short, but then the next time we are second one and third and one and then couldn't convert it.

Q: Is it sometimes better to do it the other way around?

DB:: The ideal situation really against this team is that you need to keep yourself at third and six or less situations to have a chance to convert because you have to work the ball down the field and you give their pass rush a chance to get down the field and that is when they are very tough.

Q: Is it going to be hard for your offensive line to get into a rhythm considering guys are going to be coming in?

DB:: We have a couple of guys coming back and we will get them worked in there where need be and the bottom-line is that you have to be able to go out and produce with the guys that you have and that's what it is. You go through a season and everybody throughout a season has injuries and has things that come up and you have to be able to go out and produce with the guys that you have on the field.

Q: What if you don't, what can you do?

DB:: Our plan early on was to try and neutralize them with screens and draws and in some cases you have to play field position and possession football where you try not to give them the big play defensively, but at the same time you have to have chances to make big plays and you have to go out and execute well enough to put together a drive or two against that defense and we just simply didn't do that today.


DB:: It is, but part of the job as an offense and as a quarterback is to pick and choose when you take your chances and make the right decisions when you do take chances and try to get the big play. Against a defense like Tampa Bay when you have your opportunities you have to take advantage of them. There were a couple of passes where we had very good field position and weren't able to put any points on the board. Our special teams and defense gave us some field position a couple times. When you get the short field against a defense like that that is when you have to take advantage of your opportunities.

Q: Is it tough to be optimistic given the way this whole preseason has gone?

DB:: No, I think that we are doing some things well. This game obviously was a setback for us, but we are doing some things well. Early in the game this game and through the rest of the preseason we have run the ball better than we did last year. We have a number of weapons in the passing game. I think that we have some positive things, so it is certainly not any sort of a panic situation this is just simply a situation where we have to go back and address the problems we had today and then come out and be better on Thursday.

Q: Have you thought about a change in your offensive line with ten days to go before the season?

DB:: The guys that come in if they are going to be on the field are going to have to come in and adapt very quickly, but like I said you have to be able to do that, you have to be able to adapt in the course of the season when guys are out and then guys come back and you have to be able to try to win in both situations whether you are playing with the second guy in there or whether you are playing with a guy that is just coming off an injury or what have you. You have to be able to adapt and to win regardless.

Q: How much different is the game plan because was Tampa Bay or because it was someone else?

DB:: If you are going to play against Tampa it doesn't matter who you have, you have to do something to try to negate the team speed. That is just a function of playing against a great defense.


DB:: There were some throws that weren't accurate enough and some throws that I am frustrated with, but they are things that I will address and that we will address.

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