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Ex-Raider Robbins taken into custody

MIAMI (Sept. 7, 2005) -- A judge ordered former Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins jailed for at least two weeks because he possessed marijuana while awaiting trial on attempted murder charges stemming from a brawl with police.

Defense attorney Edward O'Donnell said Robbins, who has a history of mental illness, would get medication while jailed. He said his client has been doing well in treatment.

Judge Kevin Emas scheduled a hearing for Sept. 21 to see if Robbins could be treated elsewhere for his bipolar disorder.

Robbins was shot and seriously wounded by Miami Beach officers during the January fight. He was transferred to a Texas hospital in April after posting a $51,000 bond. He was arrested in San Antonio on Aug. 13 after a bicycle officer smelled marijuana in his car. He spent time in a Houston psychiatric hospital before coming to Miami for the Sept. 7 hearing.

Robbins has pleaded innocent to the attempted murder charges. He fought with several Miami Beach officers after they answered a burglary call in a building that housed a pub, gym and jewelry store. They shot him twice in the chest.

Robbins disappeared before the Super Bowl in San Diego in early 2003, then showed up incoherent the night before the game and was deactivated. After a month in an alcohol rehabilitation center, Robbins regained his spot in the starting lineup the following year. The Raiders released him last summer after he tested positive for steroids.

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