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Favre's mother falls ill while on book promotion tour

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Brett Favre's mother was hospitalized Thursday with stomach pains, interrupting her book tour.

Bonita Favre was taken to the emergency room after waking up with a horrible stomach bug,'' said Zo? Feigenbaum, the publicist for the book entitledFAVRE.''

Bonita Favre was admitted to the hospital, where she was resting comfortably after being given fluids and antibiotics, Feigenbaum said.

It could have been food poisoning,'' the publicist said.She'll be fine and leaving the hospital soon. It's nothing serious. We didn't want to push her.''

On Wednesday, Favre joked that he was concerned about his mother during her book tour across Wisconsin.

I told her, 'You're not a spring chicken anymore,''' the Green Bay Packers' star quarterback said.She said, 'You sound like I sounded some years back, talking to you.' I said, 'Well, if that's the case, then you won't listen to me like I didn't listen to you, so we're even.' But I think she's enjoying it. She's probably getting tired, but my mom, she enjoys being around people and what better way to be around people?''

The Favre family has had a difficult year. The quarterback's father, Irv, died of a heart attack last December. Last month, his wife, Deanna, was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her 24-year-old brother was killed in an all-terrain vehicle accident on Favre's property in Mississippi.

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