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For charity, Bruschi once again going the extra 26.2 miles

One of New England's legendary players is suiting up his running shoes one more time.


Among the 36,000 people running in Monday's Boston Marathon there will be many familiar faces. Former Patriots linebacker and team Hall of Famer Tedy Bruschi is one of them.

One year ago today, Bruschi and his family were near the finish line, at the Lenox Hotel in downtown Boston, expecting to cheer on the many runners who were members of "Tedy's Team," the charity that Bruschi formed after suffering a stroke in 2005.

They never got the chance, however, as 36 Tedy's Team runners were forced to stop at mile 25.5 when the two bombs went off a short distance ahead of them.

"When we met a couple of weeks after that, I told them next year we'd all finish together and I'd run it with them. That's what teammates do," Bruschi revealed in an interview with Patriots Today.

This will be Bruschi's second time competing in the annual road race. The only other time he took part was in 2012, which happened to be one of the hotter days in Boston Marathon history. And that extreme weather made the 2012 race one of the more memorable in recent years.

However, following the tragic events of last year's marathon, the 2014 Boston Marathon could take on added significance for many runners, like Bruschi, and their families.

"I think all of us," Bruschi added, "are curious about the emotions we're going to experience."

You can watch the entire interview with Bruschi this Friday on Patriots Today, right here on

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