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From the Hart: PFW's alternate cover

Andy Hart gives you an inside look at Patriots Football Weekly's back-up cover page.

Much like DVDs often offer alternate endings to movies, Patriots Football Weekly frequently has alternate cover ideas that never actually make it into print.

First, here's a quick inside rundown of how we get to our award-winning covers. (Don't ask which awards, just run with the idea. Thanks!)

Our publisher, PFW grand Pooh-Bah Fred Kirsch, runs through all the photos from the game and picks the one he thinks is most worthy/telling. We then look at the photo, its subject and the circumstances of the play/game as we begin to throw around ideas for the appropriate cover words. This process takes place four of five hours after the game has ended. So sometimes these hectic, entertaining discussions occur in the wee hours of the night/early morning.

We then consider all the ideas thrown around, most with some double meaning or punny wit to them, and pick a winner. For the most part it's a group decision and one that includes many funny potential ideas that never make to the eyes of the rest of the world. Admittedly some are so inappropriate that they never should.

This week Vince Wilfork earned his way onto the PFW cover thanks to his first career interception. The nose tackle's big play was one of a handful of such plays for the New England defense in taking care of business against the Chargers. As such we went with the cover words "Taking Charge."

But an equally appealing option, especially to those of us with a bit of an immature sense of humor, was "Nose Pick." Get it? He's a nose tackle with an interception, or pick? If only Wilfork was former defensive lineman Booger McFarland!

Anyway, for the first time ever, below we show fans the PFW cover that never was. I'll try to do this throughout the season to let you guys in to some of the behind the scenes magic at our quirky little publication.

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