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From the Hart: Vereen 'cut worthy'?

Andy Hart highlights an old article that said that Shane Vereen may be cut worthy.

In this web-driven age of endless media coverage of everything from tropical storms to Patriots preseason games, sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the information that's floating around cyberspace.

Apparently I missed a posting a while back in the wake of New England's dominating win in Tampa that referred to rookie second-round running back Shane Vereen as a "cut worthy candidate." (Under takeaway No. 2 if you click the link.)

Vereen is an athletic, versatile back out of Cal's pro-style system who has missed most of the summer with a hamstring injury that will clearly hinder his development, especially since he went without the traditional offseason due to the NFL lockout.

But cut worthy? In his first season after having proven absolutely nothing – good or bad – on the field? As a second-round pick?

The writer, likely after getting some response from fans and maybe some media alike, addressed the issue again following the Patriots third preseason game, an ugly loss in Detroit. Despite returning to the practice field leading up to that game, Vereen did not play.

At the end of "Five takeways from the Patriots-Lions" author Zuri Berry wrote the following: "A special note: Last week, when writing my "5 takeaways from the Patriots-Bucs" game, I wrote that rookie running back Shane Vereen is a "cut worthy candidate." Bill Belichick is not known to cut rookies taken in early rounds and at the time, Vereen seemed more likely for injured reserve than anywhere else. Today, that all seems silly now. But it most certainly wasn't clear then."

After reading that note, it's still not clear to me now. I'm still not sure what the author was intimating. Is Vereen a candidate to be cut or not?

In my opinion there is no chance that Vereen will be cut. Could he end up on IR? Sure. Cut? Less than zero chance.

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