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Immediate high-tech job opportunities

Job Titles: - Technical Project Manager - Technical Webmaster - Java Developer

!**Technical Project Manager** Technical Webmaster Java Developer

Job Title: Technical Project Manager

A unique opportunity exists with our website development company to combine your love of the New England Patriots with your impressive programming and technical skills.

We require a team player to become fill the full time position of Technical Project Manager

The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation and management of interactive projects for the web site development company utilized by the Patriots. The successful candidate will initially be assigned to and two other sites


Science / Computing Degree and 1-2 Years Commercial experience , or 3-4 years Commercial experience

Work Based Skills / Competencies:

From the brief, the candidate will produce the budgets and project plans with the assistance of the production manager, technical team leader, content team and web producer.

On a day-to-day basis, he will ensure that all departments involved in the applications and development of the project deliver on time. The candidate will monitor the workflow between all the parties and take overall responsibility for the full delivery of the project on schedule and budget.

His technical ability and experience will be critical, as he will have to influence the technology choices and architectures of the system developed and integrated.

In addition, the position requires communication skills to share technical information with non-technical project team members, management and clients.

He will need to become a truly multi skilled technical manager with in depth understanding of Web, Information structure, Data feeds, WAP, Television technology, interactive TV, networking and any other convergence related technologies. Logistics and on-site operation management may also be required.

The candidate will have extensive knowledge of all / most of the current technologies on offer, and be able to base decisions on the pro's and con's of these. The candidate will have worked as a Programmer in the past, and will have extensive knowledge of ASP, VB, HTML, SQL, JSP, JAVA (including J2EE Standards). Candidate will also have strong knowledge of hosting infrastructures and operating systems that are currently used in the industry eg: NT, Solaris, HPUX, Linux etc.

The candidate will be someone who wants to focus on the creative use of technologies to facilitate cutting edge application development, that will allow new revenue potentials to be created for our company, to include unique uses of syndication models, unique application hosting. The person will be capable of thinking out of the box, and be able to suitably express this in documentation.

The candidate will also be called upon from time to time to work as a consultant for prestigious clients in the Sporting industry.


Must be prepared to relocate to Boston.
The candidate will be someone who has a strong desire to rise within the organization, and be a natural team leader. Will be interfacing directly with clients in some cases, and the business development teams.

A strong interest in sport and its development through innovative technology. An interest in new emerging technologies to include and not limited to Interactive TV, 3G wireless devices, Synchronous data to video streaming etc.

Qualified Candidates only should apply by sending a resume and cover letter to or by facsimile to 1 617 964 0533, attention Andrew Cronyn.

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