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In Case You Missed It: Bye Week Special

In case you missed it, we recap all our coverage from this week as the Patriots prepare for their opponent in the upcoming AFC Divisional game on January 10, 2015.

Happy New Year everyone! Where to start this week. For starters, I hate watching the Patriots lose. Despite losing to the Bills in a meaningless finale on Sunday, I slept well that night knowing our top guys were going into the post season healthy. However, Belichick gave us all a scare delaying his post game press conference for a trip to the trainers. This was for his own health reasons. He did reassure us that everything was fine.

It was different week here at Gillette stadium with much of the media focusing solely on the Patriots themselves rather than their opponents (who are TBD this weekend). After hearing from both Brady and Belichick, that was just the case. There is alot of things to improve before they take a look at their potential opponents.

Wednesday, the Patriots had a very competitive practice held inside Gillette Stadium where they participated in an intra-squad scrimmage. Seemed to be alot of trash talking, but Brady told us, 'It was alot of fun. There was alot of situations we covered and just a great, competitive spirit out there.' Later in the day after practice, the locker room was rather rowdy as the players got ready for afternoon meetings, just before New Years Eve.

Interesting, Bill Belichick cancelled meetings later Wednesday and instead, brought the guys over to Patriot Place to check out 'American Sniper'. Of course Bill has great taste in movies, and the players enjoyed the experience noting that this was focusing on team chemistry, much like the movie.

This isnt a random occurance, as Bill did the same last year. His movie of choice, 'Lone Survivor'. I am sensing a theme here, and it gets me pumped for the upcoming playoffs. Lets hope it does the same for the Patriots.

Game Preview

As we all know, the Patriots have the week off, but you can still catch NFL action. Saturday we have the Carolina Panthers take on the Arizona Cardinals at 4:20pm EST. Saturday night we get a look at a potential Patriot oppnent where the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens at 8:15pm EST.

Sunday at 1:05pm EST, the Indianapolis Colts take on the Cincinatti Bengals to wrap the AFC Wildcard, followed by th Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions at 4:40pm EST.

Below is a full breakdown of our coverage from this week:



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