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Julian Edelman joins 'Inside the NFL' cast, teams up with ViacomCBS

Julian Edelman and his production company are teaming up with ViacomCBS, and he is joining the cast of "Inside the NFL." 


Funemployment didn't last long for Julian Edelman.

A little more than a week after retiring from the NFL, Edelman announced he will be joining the cast of Showtime's "Inside the NFL." In addition, he and his media production company, Coast Productions, will be partnering with ViacomCBS to make movies, shows and documentaries.

Throughout his career, Edelman carefully and thoroughly built a reputation with his creative social media posts, YouTube videos and his "100%: Julian Edelman" documentary. It allowed him to connect with fans directly and create a name for himself beyond the football career. So the move into television shouldn't come as a surprise.

The deal with ViacomCBS opens up a wide variety of options – from Nickelodeon to Paramount+. In a video announcing the deal, Edelman picked up where his retirement announcement left off. After being "beamed up," we see a montage of ViacomCBS properties, like "Spongebob," "Survivor," and "Top Gun." Then Edelman lands outside of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles.

Even though Edelman won't be on the football field next season, there will still be plenty of places for Patriots fans to catch him and his creations.

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