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Julian Edelman, Lawrence Guy celebrate May the Fourth 'Star Wars' style

Edelman and Guy celebrate "Star Wars" Day.

In case you have forgotten what day it is (or frankly, what month), today is May 4th. It is the day that "Star Wars" fans gleefully wait for, and this year, it's even sweeter with "The Rise of Skywalker" hitting streaming.

On this "Star Wars Day," the Patriots resident "galaxy far, far away" aficionados didn't waste the opportunity to celebrate the beloved franchise. Julian Edelman and Lawrence Guy already appeared in a commercial for the film that aired during Monday Night Football last season, and both Edelman and Guy were quick to share their enthusiasm with fellow "Star Wars" fans on Monday.

While Edelman went for his class edits on Instagram, Guy showed off some authentic props from the movies. Before the movie premiered in December, Guy and Edelman were interviewed about their experiences with the franchise, and on an episode of Patriots Off Topic, Guy talked about the experience and how tempting it was to bring some of the lightsabers and other props home with him.

Like many fans, Guy and Edelman fell in love with the movies as kids, and it took them to places they could have never imagined.

"'Star Wars' makes me feel like anything is possible," Guy said. "It's inspiring people to become who they are."

"First time I saw 'Star Wars,' it made me feel like a little kid chasing his imagination. It's like my journey – the underdog trying to take on the big dog," Edelman said in the video.

For what it's worth, we also learned that Edelman has a seriously convincing Chewbacca impression in the video, as well. It's worth revisiting for that alone.

You can check out the promo that premiered in the fall in the video below.

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