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Julian Edelman waves green flag at Daytona 500

Julian Edelman given honor of waving green flag at Daytona 500 this weekend. 

The honor of being Super Bowl MVP doesn't end when the Disney World parade is over.

The off-season for Julian Edelman so far has been a nonstop tour of talk shows, award shows and everything in between. The MVP tour isn't over yet, either. This past weekend, Julian had the honor of waving the green flag at the Daytona 500.

Long before Denny Hamlin walked away with a victory at the 61st annual race, Julian kicked things off with his signature style.

Before the race, Julian spoke to media about the honor and the weeks since winning Super Bowl LIII, and he said he was in awe of how NASCAR drivers perfect their craft.

"I think these guys are absolutely insane. First and foremost, they're going 200 miles an hour around for three hour straight and are able to focus in extreme conditions, whether it's heat," Julian said. "The mental toughness and physical toughness to be able to go and perform for so long and stay in-tuned and any kind of mistake, ultimately, could be a big mistake that you don't want to go down, which is very comparable to our sport. It's a respect level for these guys who are clearly adrenaline junkies, just like we are. I always tell everyone, football players we're missing screws, and these dudes certainly are too."

With the green flag drop under his belt, it's anyone's guess where the MVP ends up next.

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