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Julian Edelman shaves his epic playoff beard on 'Ellen'

All good things must come to an end, including Julian Edelman's massive playoff beard.

Julian Edelman's playoff beards have taken on a life of their own. Every Patriots playoff run means Julian's face slowly disappears under a mass amount of facial hair, and it's honestly impressive how full it gets in a few short months.

As quickly as the playoff beard grows, it is taken from us, and Julian's epic beard got the sendoff it deserves this week. Julian appeared on "Ellen," and Ellen DeGeneres had the honor of shaving Julian's beard in exchange for $10,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

The bushy beard, Julian admitted, has made daily life a little more difficult.

"Eating is a nightmare," he said. "I have to shower after I eat, but sometimes, you have something good, you get a little flavor savor."

That, uh, "savory" confession is no longer an issue for Julian, though. He showed up to the "Ellen" set with a behemoth of a beard and left a clean shaven man ready for the offseason.

"This is like nine months of hard work," Julian said before Ellen broke out the razor. "I love you, beard."

Though it was a rough shave and will need to be cleaned up, Ellen did a good job of shaving the bulk of the beard.

"I look like a different person," Julian said.

"You're very handsome under all that stuff," Ellen said.

You can check out the whole interview and shaving in the video below.

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