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Kirsch Kronicles X: Kicking off our coverage

PFW's Fred Kirsch takes you behind the scenes in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

One of the great things about where we're working at the Rialto is the Landmark Diner. It's directly across the street, it serves breakfast all day and it's open 24 hours a day. Absolute lifeline. For example, I was woken this morning by the Midnight Train to Georgia. Actually, it was an Atlanta metro train and it was around 3:30am, horn blaring outside my hotel window (now I know why there were earplugs on the nightstand next to my bed). I managed to fall back asleep until 4:30 when it struck again. This time I wasn't so lucky and laid there for around 45 minutes thinking about everything we needed to do today. I thought, screw it, and I decided to start the day. I packed up the electric keyboard I planned to bring to Opening Night and began the 1,762-foot trek to our workplace. Being able to sit and have breakfast at 5:30 and then hop across the street was tremendous. Thank you Landmark Diner!

There's a chance Atlanta could get a couple of inches of snow on Tuesday and schools are already considering shutting down. We're not in the Northeast anymore. I was walking around without a jacket and people were looking at me like I lost my mind. It was 57 degrees. Once again, the Patriots have brought the Arctic Blast.

We had our first Patriots Unfiltered show today live from Sidebar. The emails were flying in. Unfortunately most of them were sent to tell us they couldn't hear audio from the callers. We'll get that fixed. Otherwise and aside from Andy Hart's Captain America polo, it was a good show. Two hours went by fast. We even had a few fans come by to watch and voice of the Patriots Bob Socci walked through the back of the set while we were live. Exciting!

Content heads up: You'll want to pay attention to the Patriots hype video dropping at the end of the week, Friday or Saturday. That's all I'm saying for now.

All the Patriots action for today starts at 9pm at Opening Night. There will be a live stream of some of the podiums available on and the Patriots app. Then, the plan is to have a bunch of content ready for you in the morning. With any luck you'll see that electric keyboard in action. Stay tuned!

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