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Los Angeles Rams Postgame Quotes 12/10

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, quarterback Jared Goff and select players comment on their 24-3 win over the New England Patriots on Thursday, December 10, 2020.


Postgame Press Conference
Thursday, December 10, 2020

(Opening statement)

"I'm proud of the team getting a big win tonight on a short week. We talked about it being a physical game. I thought our guys showed up. They were ready to go in all three phases. Really pleased with the defense, what a swing in the momentum after they were getting ready to go in and score, for (ILB) Kenny Young to get the pick on the screen and take it to the house. I thought (CB) Jalen Ramsey's effort on that play was outstanding. And then, really the offensive line, tight ends, receivers, everybody contributed and then (RB) Cam Akers had a big night. I think this was something that he was on track to be able to do. Really pleased to see that and come away with the win. We'll get a couple of days of rest and then we'll come back ready to roll for the Jets."

(On if the drive that was 9 minutes and 42 seconds that resulted in a touchdown and if it was a statement drive for the offense)

"I thought it was a great drive by those guys and I thought it was reflective of the type of game that we wanted to be able to make it. They did a great job of controlling the clock and ultimately, to be able to just do that and execute the way that the guys were. It was a real big-time deal. I thought that was one of the key points in the game for sure."

(On if he gets any satisfaction from beating Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots)

"I think you kind of answered it the way you asked it. We have a lot of respect for them, but it's a totally different year. It doesn't have anything to do with what it occurred a couple of years ago. It's a big win for us to get our ninth win, get a couple days of rest, and then really see if we can finish up this last quarter of the season strong. I like the position that we're in but we have a long way to go."

(On his thoughts about his 4th consecutive season with a winning record)

"It's a credit to the players and the coaches. They're doing a great job but I'd be lying if I said that was the goal. There's a lot more that we want to try to accomplish and the only way that we do that is by having a great week of preparation. I do think it'll be good, and it comes at a good time for us to have a couple days of rest and then get ready to go attack our 10th win against the Jets, who I know have played really good football in terms of competing and being in games. I know that we won't take them lightly, that's for dang sure."

(On Ram's RB Cam Akers's performance today)

"I think it's really started with the way that he's been practicing. I keep mentioning (RB Coach) Thomas Brown's leadership. This guy is a special coach and he has really taken (RB) Cam (Akers) under his wing. I also think the leadership from (RB) Malcolm Brown in that room has been instrumental in watching this guy really assert himself as a big-time player for us. I think he gave us a spark in that San Fran game even though we didn't really pull it out. I thought that momentum carried on to last week, and ultimately, he did a great job for us on a short week. His shoulder was banged up too, it sure didn't feel like it. He's a creative runner, he can put his shoulder down, he can finish, he's got the explosive speed. I thought he made some bigtime plays catching some check downs. You can just see this guy is going to be a really special player. This was a great night for him and I'm really happy for Cam (Akers) and his teammates."

(On former NFL Coach Mike Martz' statement that redemption is a thing for fans and if the thought of redemption had ever entered his mind)

"Well, I mean, it enters my mind because that's all you guys ask me about. So, you know, I'm just kind of kidding a little bit, but no. It's something that you think about because it was the last time that we played them being a cross-conference opponent and so, it was a big game. That's always going to be a part of the coaching trajectory for me and a night that you've got to be able to learn from. As far as how that affected our plans going into this game, it really didn't at all. We're a totally different team. I mean, you see we're doing a lot of different things. What is consistent, is that you've got great coaches and a really tough football team on the opposing sideline and I think we'd like to say the same thing for our group, a lot of really good football players. It was important because it was our ninth win, but as far as any sort of redemption, I do think what my Coach Martz said is true. It doesn't get back the hurt and the scars of that night. I can promise you that."

(On what and who stood out to him on defense)

"I think really just the entire unit. I mean, but you know what, I think that's been consistent with what our defense has done all year. They've been such a strong point for our team. I thought our coaches put together a great game plan and then I thought some of the short field stops. You look at getting the turnover when they're in the strike zone area right in that fringe, you get a fourth down stop when they're going into score, a couple of them, and really those end up equating to turnovers for us because they're not coming away with points and they're putting the offense back on the field. So, these guys have done a great job. They're playing as good as anybody and now let's see if we can wrap up the regular season like that. But you know, (DL) Aaron (Donald), Jalen, you see (DL) Michael (Brockers) show up in a big way, to see Kenny make that kind of play. There's a lot of guys that are just showing up and I think that's a reflection of the entire unit and the strength of the unit."


Postgame Press Conference
Thursday, December 10, 2020

(On how the offense handled the Patriots defense after their strong performance last week)

"Yeah, it's a good team. It's a really good defense. Like you mentioned, on a short week it is tough to feel like you're cramming everything in getting ready for it, especially with all the stuff that they can do. But we did a great job preparing. I thought he coaches did a hell of a job getting us ready and then we went out there and executed. Up front we played as well as we've played all year. I think (RB) Cam Akers obviously had his best game of the year and got to show what he could really do. It was exciting."

(On if the 9 minute and 42 second drive and if it was a statement for the offense)

"Yeah it was one of those drives where it was 4th and short and we knew we were going to go for it, you're feeling that momentum, (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) feels it as well. It felt good. I think it was 17 plays and we were able to finish with a touchdown. We had a couple fourth down conversions there. As a quarterback, you may think that's not fun, those are the best, those are the best. When we're just pounding it and able to make those plays and then I think I had a QB sneak on that drive as well. Yeah, those are the best."

(On what it was like watching Akers pick up chunk yards throughout the game and his thoughts on his performance overall)

"Yeah absolutely we knew that was in him. He's shown sparks of that all year. I think you go all the way back to the Washington game. He broke one off late in the game for about 40 yards and ever since then just trying to bottle that up and I thought tonight it was on full display for everyone to see what he can do. He's a special talent, a special player. Humble kid, does a great job, works hard and deserves all of this."

(On the first QB sneak on the goal line for a touchdown)

"The sneak, they were in tight. They had two guys in the A gap, two guys in the B gap. For whatever reason, just felt that they were going to go low and sure enough they did. I felt (OL Austin) Blythe and (OL Austin) Corbett collapse their guys and was able to get up over the top. There was no linebacker there for me to have to negotiate so I was able to just jump over the top and get in there. I'm getting pretty good at those on the goal line. I was proud of myself for that one."

(On his performance overall)

"Overall, I think outside of the interception, if I get the ball outside, was it a pick? Was it not? I don't know. If I get the ball outside and throw it accurately it doesn't matter. That was the one I wish I had back tonight. But other than that, I thought I did a good job handling the game."

(On his thoughts about the expectations for the team coming into the season and getting to 9 wins at this point in the season)

"It feels great. It's our ninth win. We're right where we want to be. Everything in front of us, three big games coming up. I don't know if I actually said that, but I don't think we're very concerned with what people are thinking or saying or doing. I know I'm not. I'm just trying to go out there and win games and do our best."

(On using a lot of Tight End sets and how that helped Cam Akers performance)

"To answer you second question first, the O-line did a great job just being physical. We were more physical than them upfront today and did a great job of that. It was exciting to see. They have a really good defense and a really good defensive line, and we were able to move them around pretty good upfront. And the two tight end sets, we've liked our matchups with that recently and today was no different. We had a good plan for it and activated it accordingly."

(On drives stalling in the fourth quarter and if he needs to work on finishing games)

"Yeah, we'd like to score on every drive. We were running the ball there at the end and trying to run out some clock. I'm not sure what drive you're referring to because I don't know if we scored on any of the fourth quarter drives. I think that was part of what we were doing, running the ball and moving some clock. At the end there, I think with what they were doing defensively, we had to throw the ball and were able to make some plays down the field a little bit which was good. But yeah, of course we'd like to finish with a touchdown there and make it 31 points and have no discussion about it but that's just the way the game went."

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