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Mankins adjusting to life post-Scar

The co-captain discusses his offseason and approaching 2014 with a new position coach.

Thirty years is a long time to be in any line of work. It's even more impressive when it happens all with the same organization.

When assistant head coach/offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia called it quits this winter after three decades in Foxborough, it left an enormous hole in New England's coaching staff.

"It's going to be a big change. I was lucky enough to have him for nine seasons. I wish that could have continued," Pro Bowl guard and co-captain Logan Mankins acknowledged during a break from offseason workouts, "but he put in his time and he earned the right to retire. Last time I talked to him, he was enjoying life right now and he's staying busy.

"But it will be a lot different. That's the only o-line coach I've known for quite a while now, so, it'll be a bit of a change."

As a returning co-captain, Mankins is already in a position of leadership among his peers in the Patriots locker room, but he was asked if that might increase now that such a respected figure is no longer overseeing the o-line.

"It might, it might not. I'm kind of the leader of that room before, so, I would assume it would be about the same. It just depends on how things are going and what is happening. It's hard to predict how things are going to go."

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What's not hard to predict is who has been tasked with replacing Scarnecchia as o-line coach. That job has been awarded to Dave DeGuglielmo, a New England native who has coached in both college and the NFL ranks. He was out of football during the 2013 season.

Mankins has already begun the process of forging a working relationship with his new position coach.

"Yeah, I have met him and talked to him. We didn't really talk about too much, just getting to know each other a little bit and talk about what he's done and what he has in store for us. But he seems like a great guy, and I look forward to working with him."

"Personally," Mankins continued, "I just want a coach that's fair, he's going to treat everyone the same, there's no one on a pedestal. He's going to work us hard, let us get away with things. I think I learned to appreciate that from Dante. He was a hard coach, but he was a fair coach. We always knew he had our backs. He demanded a lot of us, but I think that's what made a lot of us good players. That's why he was such a successful coach and lasted so long."

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