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NEPAC helps H.S. Super Bowl Contenders

Last summer, the New England Patriots Alumni Club launched its first-ever NEPAC Grant Initiative, dedicated to supporting high school football programs throughout Massachusetts.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Patriots Alumni Club (NEPAC) launched its first-ever NEPAC Grant Initiative last August by reaching out to head coaches, athletics directors and principals at high schools across the state of Massachusetts. Their goal was to offset the high costs of football operations and give more players the chance to participate in high school football. As a result, a total of 83 Massachusetts high school football programs returned grant applications. All 83 were ultimately approved and awarded $500 grants totaling $41,500.

This weekend, seven of those 83 schools are competing in Massachusetts State High School Super Bowls.

Amesbury, Auburn, Brockton, Fitchburg, Mansfield, Westfield and Walpole High Schools, each received funding from NEPAC.

"We are pleased to have helped all 83 of the schools who applied for grants, and were prepared to help even more. Hopefully, we will see increased submissions next fall," said NEPAC President and former Patriots center Peter Brock. "To see all the good that's been done as a result of the initiative really makes us proud. Think of all the schools that did not qualify for the Super Bowls this year that may have a better chance of making it next season thanks to the Patriots alumni."

NEPAC plans to continue the initiative again next fall, with a focus on helping programs that did not receive funding this year. However, the non-profit encourages all high school administrators and football coaches to return the application materials next August.

About NEPAC: The New England Patriots Alumni Club provides an opportunity for former New England Patriots players to remain actively involved with each other, the Patriots organization, and the community. Their mission is to support and fund youth and high school sports programs throughout New England with an emphasis on football.

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