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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 1/15

Patriots players comment on their 17-47 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

OL David Andrews

(On the last game)

"There's finality in everything. There's just finality in the team: there's guys who will leave, there's guys who will retire, there's coaches that will leave. Whatever it may be, it's a finality. That's just part of it. It's part of this business and it makes it hard."

(On what went wrong early)

"Had a first drive going, kind of missed opportunities and then just fell behind and just couldn't make it up. When you're down that big and playing third- and-long, it's just not how you want to play the game. Unfortunately, the last few weeks, we'd done that too much."

LB Matthew Judon

(On frustration on the first drive)

"Every drive we couldn't come up with a stop it was frustrating. It wasn't only one drive, wasn't only one player, it wasn't one single player. It was everything. It was the whole game. everything was kind of frustrating honestly."

DB Devin McCourty

(On how the stunning the game was)

"It is what it is. Obviously not our best game. Sucks to end the season that way. Credit to them, obviously. I don't think we got a stop on defense tonight. Just not how you want to end any season, not how you want to play a game, a playoff game. I think the reality of every time you step on the field in a playoff game, it's the last chance that team has to be out there on the field. That's at stake every time you go out there. I think for this group, starting the season 2-4 and climbing back and building, it sucks to end that way. I think we made strides this year coming off last year; did some things well during the season, just didn't finish the way we needed to finish. That's how the NFL is: teams that are playing good ball at the end, find ways to win and that usually keeps it going. We just didn't do that."

(On if he knows why the team didn't finish the way they wanted)

"If I could, I would have done everything to try to get turned around. That's how it goes. Like I said, this team fought a lot during the season, even what you said, going from the team that was 2-4, and just fighting, just trying to get back to being the team that was at the top of the AFC at one point. You have to execute at a high level once that happens and we just didn't for whatever reasons. We'll have a lot of time to think about it and that sucks. We've all been here before, falling short in the playoffs. Obviously, you don't want to go out like this, but we'll have a lot of time to think and see why it didn't go the way we wanted to really, after the bye week. We'll have to process that all offseason."

QB Mac Jones

(On what he learned from his first postseason start)

"To try to play better than we did. I think it just goes back to practice and just holding everybody to a higher standard. I know that I'm a rookie or whatever but I could have done a better job of just holding everybody to that standard, myself included. I think we'll make a lot of progress in the offseason with that and my leadership and just being myself. Sometimes it shows on the field, but it's a result of how we prepare. We put a lot of effort into it, it's not like we don't do that, but I think just the little things show up in the game. Like tonight, just the little things for everybody, myself included. That's just something that I learned. I'll just try to watch the tape and learn from it. I do appreciate everybody on our team for having my back. I wish I could have played better. Obviously, we want to win every game we play in. Hopefully we'll get a chance to have a really good offseason and funnel it into next year. That's all you can do."

(On the next step for him)

"I think you get more comfortable with anything you do in life. I always relate it back to being a pilot. If you're a pilot and you've only flown so many times, by the time you have hundreds of flight hours, it's just an every day thing for you. For me, obviously I was a rookie and I played like that sometimes and I shouldn't have and I can play better and that's my goal this offseason is just to advance and bring the guys along with me. we have great players all around me and I know we have a lot of progress to make and I'll just feel more comfortable with anything you do a second time around – schedule, routine, everting. There are no excuses but there's a lot that goes into it besides one thing."

(On his mentality after the season-ending loss)

"Losing is terrible and none of us wanted to do that tonight. There's nothing we can do about it. There's a lot to look forward to and be positive about and learn from. There's nothing to hang our heads on. I'm super proud of the people that have helped me grow as a person: coaches, players, support staff and all that. There's a lot to look back on and just learn and there's nothing to feel sorry about. It's just a learning experience to get better for next year."

ST Matthew Slater

(On how difficult the night was)

"That's not the way we envisioned tonight going. The thing about being in the playoffs: when it ends, it's kind of like a crash landing. It's a tough pill to swallow, thinking about how the previous season went and all the work we put in to get back to this point. I know we were excited about the opportunity but give the Buffalo Bills credit, they thoroughly and soundly outplayed us tonight and they deserved to win. I think the one thing I'll say is this team should be proud of the strides that it made, the growth that we showed over the course of the season. For me, I know I'm just thankful to be able to be a part of this group."

(On his future)

"I certainly don't want to disrespect the team and what we just went through and talk about my personal situation. Look, I'm closer to the end, we all know that. I'll pray about it and make a final decision and have some conversations but tonight I just want to make sure I express gratitude to the people I owe it to and take time to be reflective and thankful not only for the experience this year, but throughout the entirety of my career."

(On the team since the last game in Buffalo)

"I think we've changed a lot. Every week is an experience that your team takes and it changes your team and molds your team and evolves your team. Certainly, I think since the last time we won here, we've faced some tough outings and haven't played our best football. I hope we take that and use it as an opportunity to grow, especially these young guys that are at the beginning of their careers, I hope they use this season as a learning experience and apply it down the road."

(On feeling good about the season)

"Yes and no. I think you have to keep proper perspective on the National Football League. For those of you who have been covering this team for a long time, this is not reality. What we've experience here, to have the runs that we've had, the expectations for this football team, no one else in the league has done that. That's not reality. That's not the reality of the NFL. I think perspective is important. So, you look at what happened last year and the regression we had to get back to this point. I think certainly we should be proud of that. But the other edge of that sword tells us that the expectations and the demands are high here and the standard is never going to change. Certainly, we're not pleased with the way we ended the season and we're not pleased with tonight's outcome. You've got to keep a balance there, you have to realize what you're talking about, you have to realize what this football team is and where they're headed and we'll see what the future holds."

(On Mac Jones)

"I think the future is bright for this organization with that young man. Not just his play on the field, but I think the man that he is, the character that he possesses. He's the type of man that you hope to build around. I know my kids and I will be watching him for a long time to come. I'm excited about where this organization is going to be with him. It's certainly been an honor for me to play alongside him and see him grow over the course of the year. Patriots Nation, they should be excited about having no. 10 as their quarterback."

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