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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 10/1

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and select players comment on their game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, October 1, 2023.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

OPENING STATEMENT: "Obviously, [we] didn't do much of anything well enough to be competitive tonight. At this point, I  think we're a lot better team than we showed out there tonight, but that's what we showed and  that's what it was. We've got a lot of work to do. We've got to do a better job, playing, coaching. We've just got to perform better. There's really not much to say."

On why he thinks they're a better team than 1-3 that just lost by 35.

"I said we're better than we were today."


"The last three games we played."

On what led to the decision to take Mac Jones out with 3:41 remaining in the 3ʳᵈ quarter.

"I didn't think there was any point in leaving him in the game."

On if he'll be starting next week against the Saints.

"I just said there was no point in leaving him in the game."

On if he considered taking Matthew Judon out on the other side at that point.

"No. You've got to put somebody out there."

On if Mac Jones was benched for bad performance.

"No, I said there was no point in leaving him out there, so I took him out."

On if the plan is to start him going forward.

"Yeah, I didn't think there was no point in leaving him other there, so I took him out."

On if there is any early level of concern he can share on Matthew Judon or Christian Gonzalez.

"Yeah, we'll see."

On how much the Gonzalez injury affects him at corner. He's already thin at corner to begin with due to injuries.

"Yeah, that's obvious."

Did it change how you wanted to play defensively?

"Yeah, of course."

On what he accounts for Mac Jones' poor performance, even if that's not why he was benched.

"I just said we didn't do anything well enough as a team. That includes everybody: coaches, players, offense, defense, special teams. There wasn't anything that was good enough."

On Mac Jones' decision-making.

"I don't think any of us played or coached well enough to be competitive today. Just everybody."

On how concerned he is about Mac Jones' confidence. Is there anything you need to talk about with him?

"I just think we need to go out and play well."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

On what happened today...

"I think for me…it wasn't my day. I can't turn the ball over like that and try to beat good teams. So, definitely a lot to learn from. Definitely disappointed in myself. I feel like I can play a lot better and I have to, to beat good teams."

On what this week will be like...

"I think it will be a good test just for me trying to stay focused on what I can control and that's playing better. I just have to evaluate everything. It wasn't my day today. Hopefully, there's better days ahead."

On how to move on from today...

"I think, for me, just bury it, try to learn from it and move on. Don't make it turn into another loss. My rookie year didn't start off great. We just kept working and I just tried to play better. That's what I have to do here. It's got to be a lot better by me."

On if this is a low point personally...

"It depends on how you look at it. For sure, I'm very competitive. I put a lot into it. I feel really bad that I let my team down, I let the coaches down, whole organization, fans, everybody. We've got a great fan base. I've got to put a better product out there to beat good teams. I'm going to take the positive route the best I can and hopefully it brings the best out in me."

On resetting from just a bad day...

"I think just focus on the basic fundamentals of football. Yeah, it wasn't a great day. I'm not going to let it carry over to next week. It's going to be done after I watch the film. So, I'm definitely disappointed but at the end of the day, I'm going to keep grinding. Hopefully, the guys are going to come with me. It's hard for me to sit up here and say that. I'm very disappointed in myself. But I've got to bounce back."

On the gap between expectations and performance...

"That's definitely a frustrating part for me and everybody. As the quarterback, I have to play better. Every team that's winning right now has a quarterback playing really well. I need to do better. At the end of the day, it's all about execution on Sunday. You can as much as into it as you want. I just have to put a better product out there."

On the message from the coaching staff...

"Honestly, we just keep that to ourselves. I do think that we have to move forward. That's very important. It's going to take a lot of work."

On if he has the support of the team...

"That's one of the biggest things you take a lot of pride in as one of the leaders of the team. As a leader, I have to play better first of all. I feel like I've made progress this year so far. Just not today, I definitely took a bunch of steps back. For me, just continue to be Mac and put a better product out there on Sunday."

On if practice this week influenced the result...

"Actually, we had a good week of practice…honestly, we've just got to be better."

On the two turnovers...

"I have to watch the film and see what I can do better. But you're not going to beat anybody good with turnovers like that."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

On his mindset when he was told he was going in for Mac...

"Yeah, you know do my job, whatever it is, hand the ball off, make my points, play good football. You know just do my job and that's really about it."

On what unfolded on the field...

"We come out everyday wanting to win, so when you don't get that it always things that you can look back and learn from, the good thing about it that (we) have 13 more games to go, and we always have another opportunity next week. We just need to come out, fix the mistakes that we made, continue to improve and that's the great part about football."

On what Mac said as he took over on the field...

"Yeah, you know there's some stuff that goes on and ill keep that private between me, (Bill O'Brien), Mac and Coach Belichick but you know the biggest thing is just always staying prepared and just do the best for the team whenever your name is called."

On the competition and what he sees in Mac as a leader...

"I mean, I just try to do my job whenever I come out on the field, trying to locate defenses and stuff that they're doing tendency wise looking at that, just trying to do everything I can do whenever I am out on the field, you know just do my job. I support Mac whenever he's on the field and I am off, and like I said, I just try to do everything I can, and vice versa."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

On what happened today...

"Well we turned the ball over against a really good team, that's what happened. It's self-explanatory you know, we gave up 21 points off of turnovers so can't win in this league, can't win at any level doing that. We got behind really early against a really good front (line), and talented defense and good offense, you can't win, it's not a recipe for success at any level."

On his message to Mac Jones after getting benched...

"(The game) is over, let's go. Next week alright. Look the game over, it was over 15 minutes ago, let's learn from it and let's move on as a team. That's what it is, I think that's the message if you go beat a team 45 to zero, that's it, move on. So, we got a big challenge this week and that's part of this league. Win or lose, learn from it and move on. Just do a fast turn-around."

On concerns for Mac Jones' confidence...

"I think we all have some confidence issue after a performance like that, it's a team game so you know, I think it's all of us that have to look in the mirror and correct everything, it's not just (Mac's) fault, it's a team game, we got to do better, everyone has to hold up their end of the bargain. It can never be one person's fault."

On biggest concern starting 1-3 this season...

"Just got to go out there and keep competing, we got to learn from these mistakes, we got to stop playing losing football. Turning the ball over, get behind, do things like that, you just can't win like that. So, we just got to play winning football and stop beating ourselves. This is too good of a team right; you beat yourself you can't overcome those things."

On if he feels like anything is missing...

"No, I mean there's a good group of guys in that locker room, and we have enough to win, we just got to do it. We need to play better all around, all of us. That's the biggest thing, we just got to play better and be better, you know there are glimpse of better, but you got to do it consistently in this league, that's the biggest thing is just playing good consistently, that's how you have success in this league. You can't just do it 40 out-of-the 70 plays, you got to do it 65 out-of-the 66 or whatever it is.

On the QB sneak in the second quarter...

"I can't really comment on it right now, I haven't seen it. But obviously we have to do a better job in those key moments, key situations were can not necessarily turn the game but that was a big play in the game and you get that the ball midfield, you know that's tough. Just got to be better and do a better job of converting in those situations."

On why he believes in the locker room after worst career loss...

"We got a lot of good guys, I think there's guys in there that are really good players, we're just not playing up to our ability right now. You know, this is the greatest team game, and you just got to go out there as a team and execute and make them deal with you every down. We're just not doing that right now and I look at it right and say, you know we gave up 21 points off our mistakes on offense right, so know, that just completely changes the game. Defense didn't' touch the field and they got 14 points, like you throw another interception, so as a whole we just got to dop better. Or play better as a team, that's the biggest thing."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

On not expecting this result...

"Yeah it was tough. … that wasn't any good."

On confidence level after summer excitement...

"Still optimistic man, we didn't play good today at all, at all levels, and we got exposed, and just wasn't good. We have been preaching not turning the ball over and you give them 3 turnovers, two of them are points. Just too many mistake man, it's hard to say exactly where (the problem) is, but I'm still optimistic you know, I know the group of guys that we have in that locker room wasn't good enough today but we have a resilient bunch and we'll learn a lot… a lot."

On saying Dallas exposed them...

"I mean, look at the score man, We gave them two touchdowns, not that they didn't earn it, they made great plays. That's on them too, they're a great defense, not taking anything away from them but we put ourselves in a hole and you're climbing up the hill, playing from behind, we played from behind from the get-go, and that's a really, really good football team and you can't do that against a great defense."

On the confidence of the team going forward after benching players...

"Just attack every single day, that situation is what it is, you know I got to go out there and do my job, everybody else has to do their job and that's all we can focus on."

On if he spoke to Mac...

"Yeah, that's my guy, I support him and I think everybody will, so, you know none of us are happy, we all got to be better, I need to be better, every single guy is going to have to look themselves in the mirror and that starts with me."

On the locker room post-game...

"… you know, that was tough. That's not what we wanted, at all, but like I said we are a resilient bunch and we're going to find out a lot about ourselves and we got knocked down today but that's today, we're going to learn from it and keep going."


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, October 1, 2023

On how to fix what happened...

"That's something we'll have to assess when we get back to Foxboro. We'll see everything we did right and everything we did wrong. And everything we did wrong we have to fix soon because we have a game next week."

On if they still have confidence in Mac Jones...

"I am very confident in Mac. Listen, Mac is a worker. He's a competitor. He tries to make plays. Sometimes when you try to make plays, it doesn't always go your way. He's been here three years. He's made some great plays in his career. This game is one that just happened. We're still behind him. We'll still be behind him tomorrow and the day after that. I'm believe in him 100%."

On the Judon injury...

"Devastating. But he was in good spirits, and we'll be with him mentally throughout the year. I know he will be with us too. There will some guys behind him that will be stepping up and filling his spot…I really don't know (if he will miss time). I just always hate when guys get hurt."

On if there might be changes going forward...

"I'm not a coach so I can't anticipate what they're thinking. As a player on defense, we have to create more three-and-outs and create some turnovers and take aways."

On injuries to corners...

"Like I said, it sucks when guys get injured. I wish there was a button that you could cut all injuries like Madden. It's the dark side of football when guys get injured. And when guys get injured, we rally around them mentally, so they know they're still a part of the team to let them know when you get back, you'll be welcomed with open arms. But while you're rehabbing…we'll be with you. Until then, there are guys behind that can (fill in). We have great guys around us that can make plays too."

On questions about Coach Belichick's job status...

"I don't know about his job status. I'm not the GM or the owner. But kind of like I talked about Mac, Bill has brought New England and football so many great historic moments for 20 years. I don't what anybody is talking about. He is a great coach. We're behind him. We're going to play for him. He's going to keep coaching us. I do anything he says."

On how to improve from 1-3...

"Granted, when there's a lot of chaos, there's always a few things that will start wildfires or start bad things happening. It's really just small things exposed. We have to make sure we find those small things – those leaks. When there's a small leak in the pipe, a little small leak can flood a whole room. So, we've got to find that leak – find those small things – and it's very fixable. It's not like something drastic is happening that we can't fix. It's football. Go back to the film, see what we did wrong and then fix it. Get out there next week and be ready to play."


RB, Ezekiel Elliott

On what it was like to be back in Dallas...

"I wish it was a better outcome. Great to see the Dallas fans. Probably all I got to say about that."

On why they had a slow start...

"We just gotta take care of the ball. We have to take care of the ball better. I think that is everything. I think we had some momentum early in the game. We were moving the ball well. Just got to be more disciplined, and, ball security."

On whether he became emotional when he was shown on the jumbotron during his tribute video...

"I honestly wasn't too emotional. I was locked in and focused on the game ahead."

On how it was when the crowd reacted after his first run...

"I'm gonna keep it real, I wasn't paying too much attention to that. I am forever grateful for the Dallas community, forever grateful for the Jones family, just the opportunity he gave me. And just how well the city treated me, how the took me in."

On his reaction to seeing Mac Jones come out of the game...

"Just locked in on the game itself. Focused on doing whatever we could to get back in the game."

On what the team needs to do better to run the ball more efficiently...

"We just gotta take care of the ball, first things first. We gotta keep it. We got a couple penalties that slowed us down on

drives. The biggest thing is, when we have the ball in our hands, we have to keep the ball and be smart with it."

On his level of confidence in the team...

"My level of confidence in this team is high. I think we have everything we need in this locker room. We got a bunch of great players. We just gotta put it all together. We gotta take care of the fundamentals, take care of the football, we gotta play smart football. We do that and we will be right where we want to be toward the end of those games. Obviously, we want to go out there and win a football game. We just have to handle the fundamentals and do that."

DB, Jabrill Peppers

On his reflections about the game...

"It is what it is. We got punched in the mouth today; got our ass kicked. We didn't come out here and do what we were supposed to do tonight. And that's just the end of it. I am going to watch the tape, get it corrected, and try to get this bad taste out of our mouth next week."

On whether the Cowboys offense did anything particular to come after them after Christian Gonzalez was injured...

"It's a next man up mentality. That's always been the motto. If they are out there, they are capable. They were just better today. We are going to look at the film and see in what areas. But they had a good game plan today. We just didn't come out on the right side today. That is really it. Just have to keep fighting to the last whistle. Show some heart. It is what it is. We didn't come out here and play like we were supposed to play today. And that's the result we got."

On whether there is anything to take out of this game...

"I don't really believe in moral victories. I don't know what we can take from this, to be honest with you. Just have to look at the tape and get it corrected. We know this is not good enough, in all aspects. From a man to a man we have to be better in all areas. That's just the bottom line of it."

WR, JuJu Smith-Schuster

On what happened in the game...

"I think it just goes back to self-inflicted wounds. Our number one priority is ball security, and protect the ball whether on offense, defense, and we didn't do a good job of that. Especially early in the game with the momentum they had, it just didn't go our way."

On what happened on the interception on the ball that was targeted to him...

"He just read it right. He jumped in front of me, got a good interception. I tried to strip the ball out at the end and couldn't get it out. It was a tough one."

On whether he thinks one of the league's best teams is not 35-points better than they are...

"Honestly, this team, this is a great team overall, the offense, defense. Dallas, they came to play today and we fell short. We still have a lot to work on. It is early in the season and still a lot of ball left. We just have to keep moving forward. This train is going to keep going."

On whether this feels like rock bottom...

"Right now, it sucks. It sucks to lose like that, especially in the NFL where usually games are close. That was a tough one."

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