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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 11/26

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and select players comment on their game against the New York Giants on Sunday, November 26, 2023.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

OPENING STATEMENT: Too much poor ball security on offense. Turned the ball over too many times. Got away from us. We had a few times we didn't turn it over and missed opportunities at the end of the game to put it into overtime. So, not good enough. Sloppy on the ball security.

Q: After you had some time after the bye, what was the decision on starting (quarterback) Mac (Jones) and what made it the best decision?

A: I thought both guys deserved a chance to play.

Q: Was that the plan going into the game?

A: I told everybody to be ready to go.

Q: Was it your plan to play (quarterback) Bailey (Zappe) the second half, or was that more of a result of what happened in the first half?

A: I told everybody to be ready to go. I think they both deserved to play.

Q: Was it a 50-50 split in practice between Mac and Bailey during the week?

A: I don't know. Probably not quite.

Q: Since Mac did start, was that fair to him to not get all the reps in practice during the week?

A: I think everybody had plenty of reps.

Q: What went into the decision to release (quarterback) Will Grier?

A: Bringing (offensive lineman) Conor McDermott onto the roster.

Q: Are there any plans to bring him back on the practice squad?

A: We'll see. We won't know his status until Monday at 4.

Q: Will Bailey start next week?

A: We just finished the game.

Q: We've heard you talk about ball security since the season opener. Why is your message not getting through?

A: Just got to do a better job of it, obviously.

Q: When did you inform players who would start today?

A: I can't remember. Sometime during the week.

Q: Do you think it's fair to judge Zappe's performance if he's not getting the full amount of reps during the week?

A: It's everybody's job to be ready to go.

Q: Do you think the officials missed a call on the hit that took (wide receiver) Demario Douglas out of the game?

A: You'd have to talk to them about that.

Q: Starting Conor McDermott and then bringing (offensive lineman) Trent Brown in for the third series and most of the rest of the game, what led you to believe that was the best thing for the offense?

A: I think they both deserve to play.

Q: Why did you feel that way?

A: Because I think they both deserve to play.

Q: Was there a thought to kick a field goal from the 37-yard line in the first half?

A: I'm sorry?

Q: In the first quarter or the first half, you guys punted from the 37-yard line. Was there a thought to kick a field goal?

A: A little bit, but it felt like we'd have good field position for our defense.

Q: Do you think there's an opportunity for (quarterback) Malik (Cunningham) to come in this week based on what happened today?

A: Yeah, I think there's an opportunity for everybody.

Q: Now that the game and the week has finished, how would you evaluate the approach to practice this past week?
A: I think there were too many things that we didn't expect to happen. So, just do a better job of number one, taking care of the ball and taking care of our opportunities. That's all the way across the board, but too much poor ball security on offense.

Q: When you say you informed the starting quarterback who would start during the week, was that before you guys traveled down here to New Jersey?

A: Yeah.

Q: Can you pinpoint why Mac looks like he's regressed since his rookie year?

A: Well, look, our job is to get everybody to play as well as they can, so that's what we're going to try to do.

Q: Is the quarterback split something that you plan on continuing in practice this week?

A: Game's just over. Game was over an hour ago.

Q: Was the plan coming into the game for both quarterbacks to play?

A: I told everybody to be ready to go. I think we covered that. I think they both deserved to play.

Q: The plan was for both quarterbacks to play?

A: I told everybody to be ready to go.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Q: How would you sum up the struggles in the first half? What contributed to those?

A: Yeah, just bad quarterback play and wasn't good enough by me. So, if the quarterback doesn't play well, you have no chance.

Q: Can you take us through the moment you were told that (Patriots Quarterback) Bailey Zappe was going to start in the second half?

A: Yeah, (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks) Coach (Bill) O'Brien told me I was out, and I understood. I wasn't moving the ball. I wasn't scoring points. So, I understand why that happened.

Q: How difficult was this week in practice and splitting up the reps?

A: I just try to control what I can control and whatever reps I get in practice just needs to carry over to the game. I'm definitely prepared, I just haven't been putting a good product on the field.

Q: When did you learn that you were starting today?

A: We had talked about it and like you just brought up, obviously you've got to take advantage of the reps you get in practice and just got to do a better job of translating it.

Q: How tough has it been to put all that work in? You've talked about how you just continue to go about doing the work, putting the work in, that's what you know best, and yet the result is just not there.

A: Yeah, it's tough. Yeah, for sure. I always try to just control what I can control and let the external factors be the external factors, and really just got to look in the mirror again and keep going at it. I'm not going to quit. That's all I can do.

Q: Do you feel that you were put in the best position to succeed heading into this game?

A: Yeah, I mean it's my job to go out there and play well regardless of the circumstance. There's no excuse not to. I had a few bad throws, and just wasn't on the same page with the offense today. I've got to do a better job creating that standard and making sure we communicate.

Q: To repeat the question, do you feel like you were put in the best spot to win today? I didn't hear an answer to that.

A: I just answered that. I just answered it. Yeah, thanks. I don't know what you want me to say.

Q: Do you feel you were put in the best position to win today?

A: Like I said, it's my job to go out there and play well and I'm an NFL quarterback, and I need to do a better job of that. It is what it is.

Q: Have you heard anything regarding who's starting next week?

A: Not focused on that. Really just, like I said, got to control what I can control and put my best foot forward, and don't quit.

Q: Your preparation is not translating, obviously we've seen it translate for you before and this year it's been a struggle. Can you explain why it hasn't so consistently for you?

A: Yeah, it's tough to figure all that out and like I said, I'm going to control what I can control. I'm just trying to put a better product and protect the ball better really, right? The turnovers, and just throw the ball away, and make sure I don't have those plays and see where we're at. That's the NFL. The teams that don't turn the ball over and do their job usually end up pretty good.

Q: Does it feel like it's mental for you right now or physical? Is it mechanical, are you throwing the ball poorly, or are you making bad reads in your mind?

A: It just depends on the plays. I always look at the film and try and digest what happens, and I'm going to do that whether it's a win or a loss. I've got to go back and see what I can do better, whether it's physical or mental, and evaluate everything.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Q: Start us off, what kind of went into that decision in the second half for you to come in?

A: As far as I know, we walked in the locker room and (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Bill O'Brien) OB just looked at me and said, 'Hey, you're starting off second half' and I said, 'Yes, sir' and that was really about it.

Q: How did you feel the first drive went and then what maybe resulted in not being able to carry what you did in the first drive forward as an offense after that?

A: I think that just comes down to me doing my job. Incompletions, turnovers, that's just – it comes down to the quarterback and I take that. That's on me in the second half. We started out hot, like you said, started out the first drive, marched right down and scored. I have to be able to keep the team going, keep the energy up, keep it going throughout the second half, but I wasn't able to do that. That's on me.

Q: Before the game it was reported that you and (quarterback) Mac (Jones) split reps 50/50 during the week at practice. Do you feel it was a true 50/50 split for you?

A: I don't keep track of how many reps I get. However many I get, I try to take advantage of it so I can't tell you exactly if it was 50/50 or not but I think that's (Head) Coach (Bill) Belichick's answer to that question.

Q: What was your understanding of your role heading into the game?

A: Try to help the team win.

Q: When did you learn that Mac would be starting at quarterback?

A: I think that's a private conversation that we have during the week. I think that's a question for Coach Belichick, he made the decision, but I'll keep that between us and the coaches.

Q: If you do have a shot to start next week, there's obviously no bye week, right? There's not two weeks to lead up with more reps to have. With the shorter week, if you were to start, would you prefer to know sooner rather than later?

A: That's Coach Belichick's decision. If I start, I'm going to do everything I can like I have the past times I've started and try to go out there and win.

Q: Take us through that last drive. You guys moved the ball a little bit then you had some hiccups. Did you feel like you guys were going to be going for a touchdown there and were you disappointed that you had to settle for a field goal attempt?

A: I mean, the main part about that is to come out with the field goal. I mean, that's your main goal, it's 10-7, worst case scenario is kick a field goal. If you can score, great. Our main objective was to go down there and score points and not be able to give them the ball back, and we we're able to do that. We should've never been in that position, first off. That turnover that I had, the pick, that lead to their field goal – I mean, that's on me, so we should've never been in that position. So, I take that on me.

Q: What was the first half like for you? We could see you on the sidelines with your helmet on kind of getting ready, getting ready, getting ready. How anxious were you to get in there? What was going through your mind at halftime that you came out knowing that you were going to get involved?

A: Like you said, staying ready. Staying locked into the game, seeing what the defense is doing to us in the first half and kind of taking mental reps and stuff.

Q: Did Mac say anything to you before you went in in the second half?

A: Yeah, he just said, 'Go out there and win.'

Q: On the interception, did it come out of your hand a tad late or was it a great play by the safety? What happened there?

A: That's just bad by me. He made a great play. I'm sure when I go back and look at it, he did a great job, he snipered across. For me, I have to see that, so that's totally on me. I can check it down to (wide receiver) Tyquan (Thorton), he was wide open in the flats so when it comes down to it, it's on the quarterback and that's on me.

Q: Did it feel like it was difficult for you to prepare this week not knowing what your role was going to be until so late in the process?

A: No. I mean, I've prepared the same way that I have the last however many weeks we've had.

Q: Are you pleased with how you preformed overall?

A: No.

Q: What did you like? What didn't you like?

A: I didn't like the interception.

Q: Does this feel like a missed opportunity?

A: 100 percent. When you don't win, it's a missed opportunity.

Q: For you, going forward as somebody's who's competing to play more, does it feel like a missed opportunity?

A: I'm sure there were some good things but there's bad things. There was a turnover that led to a field goal that led to us losing so yeah, it's a missed opportunity. We didn't win.

Q: How much would you like now to breathe and have a full week to prepare as that starter? How much are you looking forward to that opportunity where you like know what's going to happen and get out there and try to lead this team to a win?

A: Yeah, that'd be great but again, that's Coach Belichick's decision. Whatever he decides, if he wants to do – whatever. I'll do whatever he says.


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not transcribed by Giants


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not transcribed by Giants


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not transcribed by Giants


Postgame Press Conference
Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not transcribed by Giants


DB Jabrill Peppers

Q: You're from New Jersey, what does a loss like that mean after having that level of anticipation?

A: It's definitely tough, definitely tough. I really wanted this one. Like I said before, if we don't let them score, we can't lose. There are a couple of plays that we wish could have back on defense, but it is what it is.

Q: What happened at halftime in here? We Saw that (Patriots Quarterback) Mac (Jones) was replaced by (Patriots Quarterback) Bailey (Zappe). What was that discussion like, if there was any discussion?

A: When we come in, we break off as a defense. I don't really know what was talked about over there, but over here on the defensive side, we had to clean up on the tackling and clean up a couple of mental errors that didn't hurt us but thought that they would come back to certain things that they had open. We felt pretty good, and we just had to pick up on the tackling. We felt like we had a read on what they were doing. We just didn't make enough plays.

Q: Jabrill, where is the frustration level? When you said that there are a couple of plays you would like to have back as a defense, you guys gave up 10 points again and lost again by one touchdown which was a short-field touchdown.

A: Like I said, we just have to make more plays on defense.

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