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New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 8/17

Read the full transcripts from postgame press conferences from Head Coach Bill Belichick, Quarterback Brian Hoyer, Quarterback Jarrett Stidham and select Patriots players following their 22-17 win over the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, August 17, 2019. 


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(opening statement)

It was good to see our guys compete out there today. I thought we really gave a solid 60-minute effort in all three phases of the game. Obviously, the Titans are a good team, and they're tough, physical team. It was a good challenge for us – a good matchup for us. It was a great week. We can learn from the week, learn from the game, just try to keep getting better here and grind it out until next week.

(on the joint practices in Tennessee leading up to tonight's game)

Like I said, we had a lot of good work, a lot of guys that practiced a lot – didn't play tonight. Guys that didn't practice as much, and played a lot tonight, so I think we had a really good evaluation of everybody. I thought that we competed well. We showed good toughness and resiliency. That's a good football team.

(on the rookie class)

They've worked hard, they've tried hard, they've got a long way to go. They're working at it and I respect that. They've improved and that's a good thing.

(on running back Damien Harris' running style)

He's been a tough player throughout his career, in college. That was our first look at it, a real live run, and I thought he ran hard.

(on if expected to get a roster exemption for wide receiver Josh Gordon after being reinstated)

I am not going to comment at all on that.

(on the Patriots' performance tonight)

I thought we competed well tonight in all three phases of the game. Obviously, we made a lot of mistakes. It wasn't perfect. We competed, we kept working, and that was good.

(on quarterback Jarrett Stidham's downfield passes)

I think (Jarrett) Stidham has a good arm. I think he throws the ball accurately. I think he has shown that all the way through from Baylor, to Auburn, to his pro day, and his spring workouts, so I do really think that has been the issue.

(on running back Brandon Bolden)

He's a great teammate, has a lot of leadership, and can play all four downs and play well on all four downs. It's hard to find guys like that, especially with his kind of experience and leadership and versatility. It great to have him.

(on defensive lineman Chase Winovich's performance)

Chase (Winovich) knows how to play. He plays hard, very good in pursuit. You see it in the kicking, you see it on defense. He's a good motor. T


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(on the team bouncing back after the early interception)

I threw it a little bit behind Braxton (Berrios). Logan (Ryan) did a good job undercutting it. The next drive we came out and got a good rhythm going, and completed some passes and stayed on track. I think that keeps you in a rhythm, and we went down and punched it in and finished with a good two-point conversion.

(on wide receiver Jakobi Meyers)

He has just done a great job. Even going back to OTAs I remember him making some big plays, and you are kind of looking like, 'All right, this kid is making some plays.' He has just continued to build on that and build on that. He has worked really hard. It is paying off for him.

(on the play of the offensive line)

They are doing a great job. We had a long week (against the Titans), they are blocking them all week during practice, and they are definitely a physical front. We kind of knew coming in that this was going to be a physical front, and (the offensive line) stepped up to the challenge.

(on running back Damien Harris)

He's done a good job. Obviously, he is still learning. At any position in this offense it takes a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of studying, it takes a lot of putting the time in. I think all of those guys – you could name all of those rookies – have done a good job of putting the time in and really asking good questions. He has great guys to learn from ahead of him and all of those guys. They are all coming along, and they are all putting in the work. It's all about getting better and grinding through it and getting better one day at a time.


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(on bouncing back following the safety on his first drive)

You know, I thought we did a good job bouncing back. I mean, obviously, we don't want to put ourselves in that situation, getting a safety right there. But, I thought our guys did a really good job of bouncing back and trying to really come out in the second half and play some good football.

(on if he has been feeling more comfortable on the field)

Yeah, absolutely. Again, just the more I'm around these guys in the meeting room with Josh (McDaniels), and Mick (Lombardi), and Tom (Brady), and Brian (Hoyer), just learning as much as I can. You know, we have a bunch of really good players on this team, so that makes my job a lot easier. Just getting the ball to those guys, and those guys up front did a great job, so I'm just trying to learn as much as I can and just continue to grow.

(on when he knows he should run the football)

I don't know. I'm just trying to make whatever play I can to help the drive and help the team win. That's really all I care about, is just helping the team in whatever way I can.

(on the intensity level practicing with the Titans this week)

It was just like last week, a great week of practice for us. High intensity, so I thought we got a lot out of it. I know I learned a lot, but yeah, it was a lot of fun this week.

(on where he has improved the most over the last two weeks)

I think the biggest thing for me is just, you know, getting in practice and getting in reps, and that sort of thing, and going through the plays. But, in a game, in a live situation, it is a little bit different. You know, again, just trying to learn as much as I can from week to week, and progress as much as I can.

(on a couple of passes that were nearly intercepted)

Yeah, I mean I got pretty lucky there a couple times. You know, I trust my guys to go and make those plays, and sure enough they did. Don't need to put the ball in too much danger so I've got to work on that, but overall I thought we did a good job.

(on the play of Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers)

He's a heck of a player. He's been fun to get to know and to play with, and, you know, we're rookies together so it's been fun to grow together.

(on Patriots defensive lineman Chase Winovich)

He's a great dude and has a motor like no other. He's a heck of a player.


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(on how it felt to get live game action)

It felt good to be out there competing with the team. It was a lot of fun. Obviously, we were able to get a win and play together as a team, so it was a lot of fun.

(on getting stronger running the football as the game goes on)

I think our objective as a team is just to get better during the course of a game. That's what we try to do.

(on being involved in the passing game)

It was just part of the game plan. That's what happened.

(on if he was anxious to get game action after not getting many touches last week)

Not necessarily, I just looked at it as my first opportunity to play with this team. That's what I was excited about. Last week was in the past, and it wasn't anything that I was necessarily focused on this week. Just being able to go out there this week and play with these guys, it was my first opportunity to play with this team and it was really exciting.

(on his 20-yard run in the first half that set up the Patriots first touchdown)

There was just a hole. The offensive line did a great job, the receivers did a great job blocking. It was a well-blocked play, and there was just a big hole and all I had to do was run through it. I didn't really have to do much. A lot of credit to those guys, they are the ones that made that play happen. That's kind of how it went.

(on the running back group as a whole and the competitiveness in the group)

We are really close, all of those guys have done everything they can to help me and Nick (Brossette) transition. It is a lot different than college. I wouldn't say that there is a lot of competitiveness, I would say that we all just try to be our best because we all push each other. That is just how we see it. There is not really any competition and no selfishness, it's just a brotherhood and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

(on learning from the veteran running backs on how to be effective in the passing game)

I have learned a lot, not just from those guys, but from the coaches, players, vets. I just try to learn as much as I can. Everyday when I walk in the building I try to be a sponge, and I try to get as much information as possible to help me to become the best player that I can be for this team.


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(on being put on an island in coverage at times)

I just try to get better play by play. At the end of the day there's a learning curve for me. I'm a rookie. At the end of the day I just want to compete. If they put me on an island, I'm happy to be on an island. I'm just trying to work to be a great player.

(on being back in Nashville)

I loved it. Spent some quality time with my family and wife and everything was pretty good. I'm just glad to see my family. They were out here supporting me. It was very nice to come back. It was very cool to be here at the Titans facility – something that I grew up and looked up to. I supported the Titans since I was a kid. At the end of the day it was surreal to be back here and be in this locker room and be on this field and just play against them. It was pretty dope.

(on how many people were here supporting him)

A lot. I heard family from left and the right. I would go on one side of the field and I would hear 'Joejuan.' Then I'd go on the other side of the field and I'd hear 'Joejuan.' You just try to box it out, but at the end of the day I'm glad that they came and supported me. It was definitely dope. Growing up here – elementary, middle, high school, college – and coming back here and playing it was just surreal. I was definitely thankful for the support.


Postgame Press Conference
Saturday, August 17, 2019

(on building on his success during training camp)

Yeah, I'm just taking it one step at a time. Honestly, today was a day like any other. Ever since high school, my grandma's been promising me that if I played hard and didn't get hurt she would give me five dollars and a chocolate bar. So, today was just another day where I went out there and said, 'You know what, I got to play hard. I need that five dollars and I need that candy.' I joke, but at the end of the day I know that I have a lot of support and a lot of people that believe in me, and I feel like I represent the whole Pittsburgh area in a sense, and there's a lot of pride that comes with it. But, last week, it all goes back to my teammates and the hard work that we put in.

(on adjusting to new techniques on the NFL level)

I think that's a loaded question in a sense, because pointing at specific things naturally is going to exclude stuff. Fortunately, I love you guys and we don't have all night, so I can't say every reason why it's going well, but same thing as before. I deflect any success that I have, goes back to my teammates, either helping me make the calls and adjustments, or in practice going against each other, and my coaches just day in and day out staying on top of me so that my technique is perfect. Because, hopefully, if I continue playing well and playing smart football, then I'll have more opportunities ahead and that's the goal.

(on his habit of tirelessly pursuing every play)

It's weird. I really don't know why I'm built like that. It might be a gift and a curse sometimes when it's extremely hot and they're trying to run the ball away, and I see the guy. In my head, there's a little part of me that's like, 'You know what, you're probably not going to make this play, maybe you should save it for the next one when it comes to you.' But, you'll see me just sprinting and trying and trying to hit somebody or hit something.

(on making an impact on special teams)

I've always gotten my start on special teams. I got it my freshman year of high school, I got it my sophomore year of college, you know, I assume here will be no different. I'll probably get the majority of my early reps on special teams, and they're crucial. Every rep I get, every time you're out there is an opportunity to learn and to get better and improve. So, we're going to go back and look at the tape from the bottom, make the corrections and get better.

(on the feedback he was getting from the sideline after third down stops)

It's usually never too positive. It's more, 'What I can do better,' which is the way it's got to be. It's just what great coaches do. We go over the plays. There's so much critiques and specifics that I don't know if I can really get into details. You have to ask Coach (Bill) Belichick for that.



(on what he thought the team was able to accomplish tonight)

I'll have to take a look at the film. It was a good win, a good team win in all three phases. We just have to take a look at the film and figure out how we can get better. 

(on his impression of quarterback Jarrett Stidham and how he performed)

He performed well. He's a young kid and has a lot to learn, but he's picking up things well in this league.

(on the week as a whole and joint practices with the Titans)

Every joint practice is rough. You're talking about going against the same guys for two days straight, and then playing them in the game. It was good that we were able to come out tonight and get the win. 

(on getting back to Foxborough after being on the road the first two weeks of preseason)

I'm so ready to get back to my own bed. Can't wait. 


(on how productive he thought this week was with the Titans)

It's another opportunity for us to get better, while going against another team and seeing some different looks. Our goal is to just get better every day. 

(on how he thought the defense played)

Once we watch film we can evaluate more, but I feel like we took a step today in the right direction. 

(on the importance of each rep during joint practices)

It's a lot of help, because we are seeing different looks and different opponents instead of going against our own teammates every day. We are learning as we go.

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