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News Blitz 10/16: Upon review, a win is a win

Today’s News Blitz brings together all the coverage from Sunday afternoon’s tough, strange win in New York.

We probably should have seen this one coming.

Between how the Patriots had played through the first five games of the 2017 season and the way that many recent trips to New York to face the Jets have gone, Sunday's weird 24-17 win at MetLife Stadium probably shouldn't have come as a surprise.

It was another hard-fought, at times ugly win for New England (4-2), one that pushed the Patriots back into their expected spot atop the AFC East standings.

The* Globe looks at how the Jets thought they had a touchdown before an unexpected review ruling actually turned the play into a turnover. The *Globe says that upon further review the Patriots clearly caught a break. The Globe passes along word that undrafted rookie linebacker Harvey Langi was in a car accident in Foxborough over the weekend. The Globe observes that running back Mike Gillislee spent part of his Sunday in the doghouse after a losing a fumble against the Jets. The Globe describes the atmosphere in the Patriots winning locker room after the effort in New York.

The Boston Herald *says the Patriots win over the Jets was indeed aided by the replay decision. *Herald columnist Steve Buckley says that barely winning is the new New England norm. The Herald notes that the Jets big numbers on offense show that the Patriots defense still has a lot of work to do. The Herald *breaks down Rob Gronkowski’s big day of production in the victory. The *Herald says the Jets touchdown-turned-fumble was the turning point.

The* Providence Journal writes that after a slow start, the Patriots prevailed in New York. The *ProJo *says that winning ugly is becoming the Patriot Way. The *ProJo notes the mixed reactions to the replay review that turned the Jets touchdown into a turnover. The ProJo notes Brady’s emotional fire in another record-setting win. writes that another impressive performance by Dion Lewis has the veteran pushing to take over the lead back role in New England. notes that Butler’s “great awareness” on the TD-that-wasn't was key in the victory. observes that the win included troubling signs as well as an admirable characteristic for the Patriots. has the referee saying that the replay review was “pretty obvious.” says that historically the Patriots have corrected their mistakes as the year goes one, but the site wonders if this year is different. writes that even in the win, Brady and the offense need to be better. has Belichick saying the Patriots followed the rules with the late addition of Stephon Gilmore to the injury report, the cornerback missing the Jets game to a concussion. passes along Gronkowski talking about Brady’s sideline emotions.

The New York Post says the “BS” fumble call doomed the Jets against the Patriots. The* Post *also writes that rookie stud Jets safety Jamal Adams got “Gronk’d.”

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