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News Blitz 10/30: Dolphins recap

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

All the news today is about New England's 36-7 win over Miami Thursday night in Foxborough.

The* **Boston Herald** *has several features, about Rob Gronkowski, Dion Lewis, and the Patriots' dominance on just a few days' rest.

*The Boston Globe*focuses on the Patriots defense, which it says is for real, as is New England's ability to improve from week to week. The Globe also offers a piece on Bryan Stork's imminent return from a concussion and how it will affect the Patriots o-line. That's also a subject *The Providence Journal *examines, as well as an examination of how New England's defense limited the Dolphins offense. has an opinion column saying the AFC East race is already decided now that the Patriots crushed the Dolphins. also takes a close look at the surging Patriots defense, and offers details about a report involving the Jets from this past Sunday's game.

From a Florida perspective, the *Miami Herald* declares that the Dolphins were handed a reality check last night in Foxborough, but another opinion piece says Miami's season isn't a total loss just yet.

And the* Palm Beach Post *says the better team won the game on Thursday, and recaps a devastating injury to one of Miami's best players, DE Cameron Wake.

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