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News Blitz 11/4: No action at trade deadline

The NFL trade deadline came and went yesterday and the Patriots were unable to make a move to bolster their roster. says Bill Belichick did his best but failed to find a suitable partner. The Boston Herald also details the inactivity. The Springfield Republican believes the Broncos willingness to deal shows they're desperate to get past the Patriots. With New England unable to add a piece, looks at the current roster.

As the Patriots prepare to take on the Redskins on Sunday, Washington is hoping to get wide receiver DeSean Jackson back in the fold. details how Malcolm Butler lobbied his way toward covering Jackson last summer when the teams hooked up for joint practices and a preseason game. also looks at the incredible ball security displayed by the Patriots thus far this season.

Elsewhere, the Patriots had some new faces at practice on Tuesday.

Each of the four undefeated teams is handicapped by and flaws for each are examined. In terms of undefeated seasons, the *Globe *sticks to the Patriots and wonders what could possibly derail them. Looking ahead,

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