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News Blitz 11/5: Brady 'hitting the driver'

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Wednesdays usually are Tom Brady days in Foxborough and yesterday was no exception. The quarterback spoke with the media as he generally does and he offered a few nuggets. noted how Brady praised rookie center David Andrews for all of his hard work. With Bryan Stork set to return, it will be interesting to see how the team handles the center position. They also talk about Rob Gronkowski’s ability to attract coverage, particularly when running seam routes, and Brady discussing his inability to “hit the driver,” or in this case the long ball.

The Patriots welcomed defensive lineman Chris Jones back to practice this week. Jones is on PUP and is now eligible to return.

Belichick has often waxed poetic about the contributions of Paul Brown and he did so again in NFL Network's "A Football Life" documentary on the former Browns and Bengals coach that is set to air on Friday.

The Redskins know they’ll have their hands full on Sunday according to has Kirk Cousins calling Brady the G.O.A.T.

In Washington, Jason Hatcher believes his team’s inability to stop the run has contributed to the defense's overall ineffectiveness.

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