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News Blitz 2/20: More deflated details

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

Shaq Mason, OL

Still more surreal twists and turns in the ongoing DeflateGate debacle.

The Boston Globe offers a couple of opinion columns on the NFL's handling of the investigation, as well as another nice feature on Malcolm Butler.

The Boston Herald also has its share of DeflateGate news stories and editorial pieces. In addition, the Herald spotlights how much of a contract RB Shane Vereen may want in the upcoming free agency sweepstakes., meantime, has some other details about DeflateGate, and a neat story about local actor Rob Corddry's Super Bowl XLIX viewing experience. chimes in on the investigation, too.

And keep checking for all the best Scouting Combine stories and info from our PFW and Patriots Today crews that are there in Indianapolis.

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