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News Blitz 2/23: More Garoppolo trade talk

The ongoing saga revolving around the potential trade of Jimmy Garoppolo continues to dominate the news not only in New England but across the entire NFL.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report has some items on the Patriots and focuses on Garoppolo and Bill Belichick. Mike Lombardifeels differently and hopes his old team hangs on to Garoppolo for the foreseeable future. examines Garoppolo and explains why he has an edge over any of the rookie quarterbacks. When it comes to Garoppolo, says not to forget about Jacoby Brissett and how he factors into the equation.

*The Providence Journal *believes the Patriots need to add some youth behind Trey Flowers on the defensive end depth chart. Along those lines, offers 11 free agent possibilities who could revamp the pass rush. says getting Cyrus Jones right for his sophomore season is on the Patriots to-do list for this offseason. looks at how using the transition tag on Dont'a Hightower might affect the situation with the pending free agent linebacker. Given the alternatives, believes the Patriots have no choice but to re-sign Hightower. also takes a look at Martellus Bennett and wonders if the tight end is as good as gone while offers some possible replacements for Bennett.

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