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News Blitz 3/10: Countdown to Free Agency

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

With free agency scheduled to start officially at 4:00 p.m. EST this afternoon, the *Boston Herald* is profiling a player the Patriots might be interested in at running back., meantime, takes a last-minute look at the Darrelle Revis situation and mentions a big-name wide receiver who might interest the Patriots in free agency.

In The Providence Journal, Devin McCourty expresses optimism about Revis remaining in Foxborough.

The Boston Globe, meanwhile, is looking at how New England's AFC East rivals are hoping to beat the Patriots in the free agency sweepstakes this offseason.

On the lighter side, TE Rob Gronkowski attended another LA Clippers game (as he did out in California back in December when the team spent a week there) and was part of the entertainment during a timeout in the game, as

And as pointed out, an engaged couple borrowed from Bill Belichick to invite guests to their wedding.

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