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News Blitz 3/4: Bad day for Brady lawyer?

A roundup of Patriots news.

Tom Brady's latest legal wrangling with the NFL might not go in his favor, according to several law experts who observed yesterday's proceedings in a New York appellate court.

An ESPN blog post predicts that the NFL is likely to prevail given the brutal line of questioning faced by Brady's attorney, Jeff Kessler.

"How is it, Judge Denny Chin of the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals [asked], that Kessler argued in one court that the NFL's uniform and equipment policy did not apply to the deflation of footballs by the New England Patriots and Brady, but he was trying to argue in briefs filed with Chin's appellate court just the opposite?

"That basic question and those that quickly followed from two other judges provided a strong indication that the appellate court is likely to reverse a lower court ruling that said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong when he suspended Brady for four games in the Deflategate saga."

A Boston Globe account concurs, declaring that it was “not a good day” for TB12.

"I think Brady is staring down the barrel of a 2-1 defeat," the Globe quoted Daniel Wallach, a sports law expert who was in the courtroom. "It was not a good day for Brady, I don't care how you spin it."

However the three-judge panel rules (and that could take months, experts say), the losing side has options on how to proceed next, according to a *Boston Herald *piece.

"Once a decision is rendered, the losing side can petition to have the full panel of the Second Circuit hear the case. If that request is denied - or if the panel hears the issue and issues an opinion - the case can be appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States."

ESPN and the *Herald* also offer handy, detailed timelines of DeflateGate-related events.

Meanwhile, at least one person is on Brady's side… GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who credited Brady with helping him win the Massachusetts primary this week, as The New York Times points out.

"Honestly, in that part of the world, a reference like Tom Brady saying Trump's the biggest winner, Trump is a friend of mine, that makes an incredible difference," Trump told the Times.

In roster-related news, it comes as no surprise that the Patriots aren't re-signing free agent DT Sealver Siliga. He posted a goodbye note on Instagram yesterday.

After barely making the squad last season, the veteran saw his role and playing time diminish significantly throughout the season.

Wide receiver Brandon Gibson also appears to be leaving town. The injured wideout tweeted a so-long note after spending his only season in New England on injured reserve.

With that in mind, WEEI examines the current Patriots roster at wide receiver.

NESN's website looks at pass rushers in its continuing series of potential Patriots draft picks. 

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