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News Blitz 4/10: Preseason Patriots football!

Today’s News Blitz brings news of New England’s preseason schedule and the analysis of the summer game slate as well as some notes on the acting of Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady.

There are many examples of the endless power of the NFL.

 Another was on full display on Thursday when the league announced the preseason schedules for all 32 teams, most importantly that of the Patriots.

 And people – beyond just NFL Network – took time to break down and analyze the summer pigskin action. Impressive.

 The* Boston Globe* passes along not only the summer football schedule but the possibilities for joint practice sessions.

 The Boston Herald notes that the Patriots preseason opener against the Packers will include two Hall of Famer quarterbacks facing off, for at least a few minutes anyway. The ongoing *Herald *blog series of profiles of potential Patriots draft picks looks at Washington cornerback Marcus Peters. has the preseason schedule and includes the Packers and Saints as possible joint-practice options. The site's "beyond the first round" prospect series checks out some candidates at defensive tackle.

 ESPN hangs with Rob Gronkowski for a day, including the tight end continuing to test his own questionable acting chops. says there is a decision looming for the Patriots whether to pick up the $7-plus million fifth-year contract options for former first round picks Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower, a seemingly obvious call that must be made by May 3. Speaking of Hightower, he’ll have a road in Tennessee named after him.

 Indeed, the rumor site, includes Jones and Hightower in its list of guys whose option “will be picked up.” puts the August opener between the Patriots and Packers at No. 1 on its list of preseason games to watch.

 As we await the announcement of who the Patriots will host for the Thursday night open to the 2015 NFL season, says that based on history it’s unlikely to be Chip Kelly’s Eagles squad. puts together a list of the 7 times that Tom Brady has made fans laugh, mostly through his own questionable acting skills!

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