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News Blitz 5/14: More deflating talk

A roundup of Patriots news coverage.

ESPN and ABC News have released the results of a poll they conducted about the Patriots being penalized by the NFL, and the results aren't all that great for New England fans. ESPN also offers advice for Tom Brady from a player who once successfully sued the NFL after being punished by the league.

In one opinion column, *The Boston Globe* paints a less-than-flattering picture of New England's role in the so-called DeflateGate scandal, but then offers a scathing criticism of the NFL's justice system. has various opinions on the saga, including one that says the team's owner shouldn't fight the NFL this time.

*The Providence Journal *summarizes TE Rob Gronkowski's latest comments on the matter during his most recent TV appearance. shows how some Jets fans are reacting to the Brady suspension.

The *Boston Herald* examines the successful legal record of Brady's new counsel, and in an opinion piece, looks at how head coach Bill Belichick will make a difference come game time whether or not Brady is on the field.

Meanwhile, looks at backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo's strengths and weaknesses based on his rookie year.

And on, there are two former NFL QBs who take opposing sides on the deflated football issue.

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