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News Blitz 5/18: German(e) discussions

A roundup of Patriots news.

Every print media outlet that covers the Patriots on a regular basis is offering different versions of the same story today, after both of New England's German-born players spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

Thankfully, you don't need to go fishing around for all those various voices saying the same thing, when you can just stay right here on and watch both RT Sebastian Vollmer and DT Markus Kuhn speaking here at Gillette during that Q&A session.

Vollmer had a lot to say about his old position coach, who's now his new position coach, Dante Scarnecchia, among other topics.

Kuhn, meanwhile, addressed the growing trend of German players getting jobs on NFL rosters, as well as other subjects.

"[U]ndrafted rookies are incredibly valuable," the author states. "The eight rookies cost the Patriots $155,000 in guaranteed money, or $23,000 less than the combined guarantee for the three players drafted at the bottom of the seventh round ($178,000). If even one undrafted rookie pans out – think Malcolm Butler – then it is money very well spent."

The Patriots also have a new team doctor, as revealed yesterday.

That same website offers analysis of Tom Brady's on-going legal battle with the NFL, asserting that Brady could feasibly wind up NOT serving his four-game suspension this season after all.

Finally… for your entertainment pleasure, we present Rob Gronkowski dancing ballet. Gronk doing ballet? Yes, Gronk doing ballet.

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