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News Blitz 5/22: Easley is thrilled to work with Wilfork

This edition of the News Blitz focuses on the Patriots 2014 first round draft choice, Dominique Easley. We also take a look at the safety position as the team begins its offseason program.


Jeff Howe]( of the Boston Herald says that Dominique Easley is "thrilled" to work with Vince Wilfork. According to Easley's rehab specialist, Ivan Candelaria, Easley is looking forward to being able to hang out and learn from Wilfork. Candelaria also said Easley possess a relentless motor and says he's a very explosive player, comparing him to a Ferrari.

"That's what a lot of teams saw in him. He just has this freakish talent that you don't see all the time," said the rehab specialist.

According to the Providence Journal's Mark Daniels, one guy who believes Easley's going to be great, is Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn. Quinn coached Easley at Florida from 2011-2012 and he believe's the rookie's got what it takes. The Seahawks coach echoes Candelaria saying that he has a great motor and can be very explosive. He even goes as far as to compare him to Geno Atkins.

"You know how [Atkins] can get on the edge fast?" Quinn said. "I think that's one of the things that Dom does, where he can get on the edge on you real quick."

Yesterday, the Patriots reportedly worked out four players including two running backs (Ronnie Brown, Brian Leonard) and two tight ends (Ben Hartsock, Nate Byham). NBC Sports' Mike Wilkening says that Leonard, Byham, and Hartsock would be brought in specifically for blocking. All four players are above the age of 30.

If the Patriots were to sign any of those four players, they would most likely be expected to contribute on special teams. Belichick is always looking for "four-down type players" and as ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss points out, this focus on "four-down value" has led to consistency on special teams.

One of the biggest questions as the Patriots begin OTA's, is in regards to the safety position - specifically, who will play opposite Devin McCourty. CSN's Tom E. Curran asks whether the team is "safe" at safety and breaks down a few of the options Belichick has at his disposal.

"It's a defensive spot that isn't necessarily going to make the defense. But with the wrong guy making the wrong decisions, it sure can break it," writes Curran.

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