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News Blitz 6/18: Duron Harmon looks ready to be the starter

This edition of the news blitz focuses on some thoughts from yesterday's mini-camp session, specifically with regards to Jimmy Garoppolo and Duron Harmon.

Following Day 1 of mini-camp yesterday, ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss and Comcast Sports Net's Tom Curran listed some of the things that caught their attention during the team's practice. Both writers said that rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the day. After practice, Garoppolo spoke with the media and said that he's trying to be consistently good, not occasionally great. According to NESN's Doug Kyed, Garoppolo was hesistant to give himself any praise despite the fact that he's shown improvement over the three sessions in front of the media.

"Garoppolo has a huge learning curve coming from Eastern Illinois, but so far he appears to be handling it well," says Kyed."

One of the other players on both Reiss' and Curran's list was safety, Duron Harmon. Yesterday Harmon told CSN reporter, Phil Perry that he's been studying the NFL's best safeties in the offseason and is hoping that it'll pay off. Dashon Goldson, Done Whitner, and Earl Thomas were some of Harmon's favorites to watch.

"I think I'd just like to model and take parts from each one of their games," said Harmon according to Perry's article. "I think they all do things very, very well. We're not all the same athlete, so I think picking things from each of their games and trying to mold it to mine is the best thing I can do.

With Gregory gone from the mix, Harmon looks to be the favorite to grab the starting position opposite Devin McCourty -- and according to Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe, he's ready. She says Harmon has been working hard this offseason and is preparing himself to be ready to face any circumstance. In fact, he even made a few visits to a hot yoga studio this offseason to improve his flexibility and mental toughness.

"It was a great experience because not only did it help with flexibility, it helped with mental toughness, being in those poses in the heat for so long and [you] really have to talk to yourself to keep holding that pose for as long as the instructor said," said Harmon according to Young.

If Harmon is able to contribute consistently for the Patriots, he may prove to be the missing piece to their defense. According CSN's Michael Felger and Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the Patriots will have a top-5 defense in 2014, assuming they can stay healthy. The two joined Bob Neumeier on CSN's Sports Tonight to discuss expectations for the New England defense.

"If Revis is healthy, I think they're in the Super Bowl. That's the way I feel about it. I think he's a game changer. I think he improves your pass rush, I think he improves your safety play," believes Felger.

As for the other side of the ball, Chris Gasper joined Gary Tanguay on CSN's Early Edition to discuss whether the Patriots offense will take a step back in 2014. Both Gasper and Tanguay agreed and believes the group is on the decline not because of Brady, but because of his weapons.

But wait just a minute -- Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald says that the Patriots receivers are better than advertised. She admits that there are some questions at the position but overall Guregian sees the group progressing and for that reason, she believes they aren't getting the respect they deserve.

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