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News Blitz 6/27: Brady guessing game

A roundup of Patriots news.

As we're now officially in the NFL's quiet period, there's little for media who cover the sport to do but speculate and look ahead to the upcoming season.

For Patriots reporters, there's no bigger topic than Tom Brady's on-going legal tussle with the league.

ESPN blogged that this could be the week that we hear some news from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is considering whether or not to re-hear the case.

In a news and notes piece, The Boston Globe also tackles the Brady appeal saga. The upper portion of the story deals with the new NFL rookie orientation seminar, but after that, the Globe delves into Brady's case.

"What to make of the silence [from the court]?" the writer asks. "I think they are actually reading all of the briefs, rather than reflexively denying the motion or asking for more briefs," attorney Daniel Wallach replies.

Will we have a resolution, or at least an answer from the court, by the time training camps open league-wide at the end of July? Anybody's guess, at this stage.

Meanwhile, when camp does begin, Patriots backup safety Jordan Richards will be among those looking to make the most of his so-called "year-two jump." He's the subject of a *Providence Journal *feature.

"I've been through it once so I know at least what to expect. I get to finally be here for a full offseason. So now it's just pushing myself to be the best football player I can be," Richards is quoted in the story. "It's just being out here with the guys, spending more time communicating and pushing myself. Didn't have the opportunity last year, but last year's last year. This year's this year."

On WEEI's website, a news-and-notes column spends a good amount of space on o-line coach Dante Scarnecchia and the rare company he'll be among when the season begins.

Back to Brady for a moment… you may have heard actor Ben Affleck's, shall we say, impassioned defense of his friend in an HBO interview last week. Affleck stands by (almost) every word, as the Associated Press found out. The *Boston Herald *printed the AP story.

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