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News Blitz 7/19: More Brady reaction

A roundup of Patriots news.

Football scribes continue to react in print to Tom Brady's decision to fall metaphorically on his sword with respect to the Deflategate saga. A Boston Globe columnist today declares that Brady once again put the team’s needs before his own.

"With a helmet on, Brady never backs down. He doesn't give in. But off the field, it has always been a different story and a different Brady. He backs down, compromises, avoids confrontation, and cuts off potential distraction. He puts the needs of his employer above his own… Brady decided it was prudent to hop off the Deflategate Crazy Train before the end of the line and make sure his season didn't get derailed at the worst possible time."

Guess who else had a reaction to the Brady news? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as detailed on We know you're just so anxious to hear what he has to say.

However, here's something that might really pique your interest: Deflategate's legal drama may not yet be over, according to one clued-in football writer. has details.

Turning to on-field discussions, an ESPN blog post ponders whether the Patriots will scale back the workload of RB Dion Lewis, who's coming off a serious left knee injury.

"Lewis' recovery has progressed as hoped with him returning to practice at the end of June minicamp, and his presence on the field changes plenty for the New England offense. But can the team, which didn't draft a running back, once again rely on him to play 66 percent of the snaps and make it through an entire season healthy?"

Elsewhere, The Providence Journal offers a feature on co-captain Rob Ninkovich. The veteran says he’s feeling less pressure this season as he approaches training camp.

"If I never play another snap, my career really has been extraordinary and has gone better than I could have ever imaged. Right now, I'm in bonus time," Ninkovich said. "I almost feel less stress because I've been able to accomplish all the things I needed to accomplish and now, it's 'go out, fly around, enjoy my time, have fun, help the younger guys and take it in.' I know it'll be over sooner than later."

Finally today, provides a positional preview of Patriots running backs in advance of training camp, which starts next Thursday.

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