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News Blitz 7/20: Camp previews

A roundup of Patriots news.

ESPN leads things off today by offering a blog post that gives fans a primer to Patriots 2016 training camp.

The Boston Globe has a more specific preview item on New England’s linebacker corps.

"Jamie Collins and Dont'a Hightower represent two of the NFL's best at the position," the story says in part. "Versatile and valuable, they are elite difference-makers who must be accounted for on every snap. Both are three-down backs who can stop the run, drop into coverage, and pressure the quarterback." continues its preseason previews with a look at the Patriots o-line.

In The Providence Journal, you'll find a feature on safety Duron Harmon, who is entering the final year of his contract with the team.

"The more time you focus on contracts and all that, the less time you're focusing on working your craft," Harmon maintains in the piece. "I'm putting that in the back of my mind and focusing on getting better, being able to go out there and make some plays for the New England Patriots and help them win some football games."

For those still interested in Deflategate opinions, you'll be interested in what a Washington Post columnist says about the recent outcome. The real loser is the NFL commissioner, not Tom Brady, the author asserts.

"The real attack on the integrity of the game came not from the New England Patriots, but from the NFL commissioner. The real cheat wasn't Tom Brady, but rather Roger Goodell. The real verdict is that Brady's Hall of Fame career is unaffected, while Goodell goes down in history as a ruined figure."

Ending on a happy note, the Boston Herald caught up with Nate Ebner, the Patriots defender-turned-Olympian. Ebner discusses making the US Rugby Team and anticipating the Summer Games in Brazil next month.

"All kinds of things went through my mind," said Ebner about making the squad. "There was the excitement and joy of representing our country. It was confirmation for how hard I've worked since I made the transition back to rugby."

He'll return to the Patriots once his Olympic obligations are complete, which he hopes won't be until after the Gold Medal game in mid-August.

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